Everything, Everything

Here are some potentially interesting downloads...
Special SVN builds (setup and zip files) for Windows. This usually includes bug fixes, but I've also built x64 versions on occasion.

UK Radio Player
A Sidebar gadget for Windows Vista (also works on Windows 7). I no longer have time to maintain it, and Microsoft have discontinued support for gadgets because the Windows Sidebar platform in Windows 7 and Windows Vista has serious vulnerabilities.

Info Sender 1.2
Modified version of Luke's Info Sender plugin for Winamp. It's unlikely to be of use to anyone nowadays as Winamp is dead/no longer supported, although you can still download it from here.

BitTorrent 4.4.0
Modified version of the really old Python based official BitTorrent client. It's unlikely to be of use to anyone nowadays, but I thought I'd add the link for completeness.
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