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Well done Qualys. With your HSTS header I can't even click through to see the content. https://t.co/s54GYdJXMi
6 days, 1 hour, 33 minutes ago
Bit disappointed with the exclusive Xbox games. None of them feel like a "must have". I'll probably stick with the PS4 Pro.
42 days, 9 hours, 1 minute ago
New Porsche 911 GT2 RS looks just like... a Porsche 911. Forza 7 looks pretty though. Might get it for Windows 10 over the Xbox One X.
42 days, 10 hours, 13 minutes ago
Arsenal Transfers - Summer 2017
Sunday 9th July, 2017 12:21
Despite only being in Europa this coming season, we've managed to (temporarily?) increase the number of players called Alex by signing Lacazette. My knowledge of him is limited, but he looks like a younger and quicker version of Giroud. If we can improve him like we did with Giroud then we could end up with an impressive striker.

We've signed a left back for free. Given how much we're spending in other positions, that must help. I've not seen much of him either, but Kolasinac impressed in the German league and I'm sure he'll be an improvement on Gibbs (who hasn't progressed in recent years, and appears to be allergic to kicking the ball with his right foot). As long as Monreal keeps up his form from the last couple of years, I wouldn't mind moving Gibbs on. As much as I loved watching Jenkinson play for his favourite team, he's lost his confidence since returning from injury and is clearly behind Bellerin and Gabriel (and Chambers?), so it may be best for him to move on. Whether he does may depend on whether anyone matches his salary and offers him a first team position. I'm pretty sure we'll try and sell Debuchy.

Cazorla is out for even longer than originally thought. At his age, and with his injuries, he's unlikely to play in the short or long term. Despite having many midfielders, we still lack someone with his creativity and composure. I wouldn't be surprised if we go big on another midfielder and look to move on Wilshere (when he's fit?) and Oxlade-Chamberlain (this summer?).

The other "Alex" that might go this summer is Alexis Sanchez. Juventus have apparently signed Costa from Bayern Munich and I can see them spending that money on Alexis. We might get more money from Manchester City, but if Arsene has the choice of selling to Bayern or City and he wants to try and win the Premier League then he can't sell to a competitor.

There are still rumours we're after Mbappe. If he'll only join for guaranteed first team football, we'll have to lose either Perez (who seems keen to leave, which isn't a surprise given how little faith Arsene seems to have in him) or Giroud (who would be a bigger loss than many fans think). The obvious departure is Perez, but Giroud may push for a transfer if he becomes third choice striker, and given his age and price tag I wouldn't rule out his departure to somewhere in France. If we still play a single striker up front, and bring in Mbappe, we may lose both strikers. I'm pretty sure we'll sell Campbell either way. I imagine Theo will cling on for dear life, and if we sell Oxlade-Chamberlain there will be slightly less cover and competition on that right hand side.

Akpom has to be loaned or sold. There's no way he's getting first team football with so many other strikers fighting for a first team position. I'm guessing we'll try and loan him out yet again if we can't sell him.

Szczesny seemed settled in Italy, probably glad to escape head goalkeeping coach Peyton, but perhaps the recent goalkeeping additions to the coaching setup are to help convince him to stay as we move on Ospina (who can't be happy only playing the games in Europe, especially when it's not even Champions League football). Cech won't remain first choice forever, and Martinez looks good but may not be quite there yet for backup keeper.

Until we announce at least one top midfielder (and I think we need more than just Mahrez from Leicester), I think we'll struggle to win the league despite a decent defence and optimistic looking set of strikers. Whether we can attract someone, given wage constraints and Europa football, may be tricky. I remain somewhat optimistic. I also suspect that Ivan Gazidis is behind much of the changes we're seeing, struggling to push his agenda due to the amount of power held by Arsene and Stan.
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