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What a goal from Monreal. With his right foot! #COYG
7 days, 4 hours, 40 minutes ago
Three at the back!? This could be interesting. https://t.co/OJff37e3Xc
13 days, 4 hours, 41 minutes ago
Good start from Arsenal. Only three more goals required in the next 70 minutes.
55 days, 4 minutes ago
I've discovered the first thing I dislike about the Pixel XL although it appears to be a bug: https://t.co/W3CH3MaZVe
59 days, 9 hours, 50 seconds ago
KMS Activation
Friday 24th March, 2017 17:51
The introduction of Windows 10 really made KMS activation more complicated than it needed to be. First of all there were the updates and additional KMS keys for Server 2012 R2 that allows you to use it to activate Windows 10 clients. But then along came Windows 10 1607 (LTSB 2016), which then requires another update for Server 2012 R2 to allow you to activate the newer versions of Windows 10 (as well as Server 2016) (this detail is buried away under July 2016). I finally stumbled on this really good Microsoft blog post, which clarifies things. Apparently you need all the Windows updates plus the right KMS key (Windows Srv 2016 DataCtr/Std KMS), and then you should be able to activate all versions of Windows 10. Fingers crossed this works, as I want to roll out a Windows 10 build based on 1607 without having to join it to the domain for activation.
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