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Good start from Arsenal. Only three more goals required in the next 70 minutes.
15 days, 11 hours, 34 minutes ago
I've discovered the first thing I dislike about the Pixel XL although it appears to be a bug: https://t.co/W3CH3MaZVe
19 days, 20 hours, 31 minutes ago
PSA: Anyone submitting answers to the @CTXIS CTFs at https://t.co/65PQuvn7ly must provide a write-up of the challenge(s) that you've solved.
20 days, 22 hours, 41 minutes ago
Nokia 3310 (2017) looks like Microsoft's Nokia 230 (launched in November 2015) with a retro 3310-inspired case: https://t.co/sqQIs1kaND
24 days, 18 hours, 5 minutes ago
Referrer Policy
Monday 13th March, 2017 09:09
I recently discovered that there's a new HTTP header that's worth setting. There's a good explanation about the Referrer Policy header by Scott Helme, and there are further details here.

This allows you to carefully control what information is sent by the browser when you browse to another page. I definitely agree with Scott's recommendation that if you're thinking of using "origin" or "origin-when-cross-origin" then consider using "strict-origin" and "strict-origin-when-cross-origin" instead. I don't think I use the header for anything at all, so I'm thinking "strict-origin" might be suitable for my site - although it is tempting to jump straight to "no-referrer".
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