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Back at my usual place for lunch and enjoying a nice gingerbread latte. The walk from the new office is really pleasant in this weather.
8 days, 7 hours, 30 minutes ago
Looks like the Context Password Reset challenge has SQLi and XSS (plus other things that aren't best practice)? https://t.co/AomQj3ZNTm
12 days, 6 hours, 49 minutes ago
Only two more weeks until the @CTXIS office opens in Basingstoke. Desks, cakes, real ales, and other benefits: https://t.co/kqbiOnhEQS
22 days, 7 hours, 52 minutes ago
Happy #EdBallsDay everyone! https://t.co/h9RZmWItFF
26 days, 18 hours, 11 minutes ago
UK MSDN Subscription Costs
Sunday 3rd April, 2016 15:07
Over the years I've had MSDN and TechNet subscriptions to support my testing and development. Some were via my employer, others I've paid out of my own pocket. I'm considering purchasing Visual Studio Professional with MSDN and the price for a new subscription is currently listed as $1199:

MSDN $1199

With the pound being strong against the dollar, that sounds like pretty good value:

1 Dollar Equals 0.7 Pounds

I know that sometimes we don't see the benefits, and the dollar price is often the UK price, but when the pound is that strong there's no way that the UK price could be any higher than the US price, right? When the equivalent price would be £839, a value above £1199 just sounds wrong. Even if you were to add something like 30% tax, it should still work out cheaper than £1199.

MSDN £1216

It costs more? More?!?!

All you're doing is taking my money off my credit card and making software available to download. It's an automated process. Your own data transfer pricing for Azure suggests that bandwidth costs are the same (Zone 1: US West, US East, US North Central, US South Central, US East 2, US Central, Europe West, Europe North).
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