Everything, Everything - September 2015

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Saturday 26th September, 2015 15:35
End to end football. Great match to watch, especially now Arsenal's ahead.
Saturday 26th September, 2015 15:20
Thank f**k for that Arsenal equaliser. Wasn't feeling confident until then. Still need another goal; both sides look threatening.
Thursday 24th September, 2015 11:25
This is really simple and effective, I hope it takes off! http://t.co/rfwr5QnyMn
Version Numbers Are Hard, Mkay
Wednesday 23rd September, 2015 17:07
After downloading and installing new versions of Intel's wireless drivers, I recently decided to run the Intel Driver Update Tool just to make sure everything was looking good:

Intel Driver Update Tool Odd Version Number Comparison

For some reason it wants me to replace the newer versions with older versions. Maybe the code assumes that a newer version will never be present? Mkay.
Mixed Content Warnings
Thursday 17th September, 2015 13:33
I visited a website in Internet Explorer and a little yellow bar appeared at the bottom of the browser warning me that the HTTPS site was trying to load HTTP content (AKA mixed content). I was surprised to find out that Chrome's warning is a lot more subtle:

Chrome Mixed Content Shield

A very subtle shield is displayed in the top right corner to indicate that Chrome has protected you from the HTTP content, in my case a single CSS file. This is something that developers, or even penetration testers, could easily miss.
MySQL show_compatibility_56
Monday 14th September, 2015 15:02
A rather subtle change has been introduced in MySQL 5.7 that hit me today, but thankfully you can work around this change in behaviour. Oracle have introduced and deprecated the setting "show_compatibility_56" as of MySQL 5.7.6.


The Performance Schema tables are intended to replace the INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables, which are deprecated as of MySQL 5.7.6 and will be removed in a future MySQL release.

This has solved my problem, but developers may have to keep this in mind when they write their software. I'm looking at you, MediaWiki.
Tuesday 1st September, 2015 11:09
Argh, an iPhone!
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