Everything, Everything - October 2010

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Thursday 28th October, 2010 12:26
I wasn't really sure what day it is today. It felt mid-week, but I wasn't really certain that it was Thursday. After hearing someone mention it was Thursday (I initially thought that sounded wrong) and someone else mention Chinese food tomorrow (we normally get it on a Friday), I checked my calendar and identified that today is indeed Thursday. I hate losing track of days.
Thursday 28th October, 2010 10:04
I was building a Windows 7 host in a hurry yesterday. In order to install all of the missing drivers and security updates, I selected all of the updates (including optional ones) that were available through Windows Update (technically Microsoft Update). A little while later, as I was leaving the office, I was surprised to notice that it had almost 2GB of downloads to install (on the plus side, it had nearly finished downloading them). That's okay, I'll let it do its thing overnight. Except I hadn't changed the default power saving settings, so it had gone into standby shortly after I left (I figured that out when I'd remotely logged into a server at work and couldn't get the IP to respond to ARP). Less haste, more speed. I really shouldn't have accidentally selected all of the language updates.
Monday 18th October, 2010 12:43
I was looking at the specification of the Nokia C7 and spotted:

Resolution: 16:9 nHD (640 x 360 pixels) AMOLED

HD resolutions generally refer to 1920x1080 ("Full HD") or 1280x720. So what the f**k are Nokia thinking when they call 640x360 "nHD"?


nHD, used by Nokia 5800, Nokia 5530, Nokia X6, Nokia N97, Nokia N8

I presume the "n" means (or is meant to suggest) "near" and "HD" means "High Definition". I'm not sure that a resolution that's half the width and half the height (and therefore has only a quarter the number of pixels) is anything close to "near". Perhaps my rather ordinary car is nSC (near super car)?

Perhaps the reason why Nokia don't seem to have defined what nHD stands for is to avoid any legal issues.
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