Everything, Everything - October 2004

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Trick Me
Sunday 31st October, 2004 23:00
I've been listening to the Kelis track Trick Me, it's surprisingly catchy and (dare I say?) good. But it definitely has a 1990s feel to it.
The Grid
Saturday 30th October, 2004 05:34
Just finished watching all the episodes of The Grid, and it's pretty good. Will be interesting to see if there's another season (will have to look online later) as the ending left it fairly open for a sequel. I've also been watching the last couple episodes of Threat Matrix - another great show that got cancelled for some stupid reason. I even got reading up about The Lyon's Den (which Channel 4 or 5 were showing at one point, but I never caught it) that got cancelled, and it looks like they totally changed the ending because they knew it was failing.

I wac chatting to Caz (much) earlier tonight, she logged on to MSN after I sent her a text saying I didn't get the job. During our chat, which made me feel much better, she mentioned that she stopped my plant being attacked at uni. Alice (the name of my plant) is still growing in my lounge today because of her. She's such a great friend.
Nice Day For A Sulk
Friday 29th October, 2004 19:51
Just played it the once after hearing the news. Decided to lie in bed and think for a while, and inevitably fell asleep. Do I read Bill Bryson all weekend or watch The Grid?
Bad News
Friday 29th October, 2004 17:17
I didn't get the job I was after. I got down from 4 to the final 2, and then after the test I got this emailed to me today:

Just heard from [them], im afraid after a GREAT deal of deliberation as things were SO close they have offered the role to the other candidate who had just a little more experience. Like I say they were VERY impressed with you and were confident you could fit into their organisation so please don't feel too negative about this. The feedback I had was very positive about you but you lost out the other candidates whom skills were even more suitable for the role than your skill set which was VERY suitable itself !!

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news Rob, you are a strong candidate and you and I worked well together. I will of course look out for other roles for you.

Naturally, I'm quite gutted.
John Peel
Tuesday 26th October, 2004 20:26
Such a great man, such a shame we have to say goodbye.

Interview went well today, I've been called back on Thursday for a final interview/test along with one other candidate. Wish me luck!
Blue Peter
Tuesday 26th October, 2004 00:08
Liz is going on maternity leave. It was fairly obvious when I saw her bump, but apparently she'll be going in December, when a new girl is coming in. Boo! Hiss! Yes, she'll be joining them in time for Christmas: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/3951183.stm

I have an interview in the morning, had better head to bed now, try and get some sleep. I hope I get it as the work will be more interesting and hopefully a far better salary, but I'll be sad not to work with all my friends.
Saturday 23rd October, 2004 18:19
Vegetarian dinner with friends or watch Spooks on BBC 3? Luckily a fairly easy decision.
Friday 22nd October, 2004 22:50
I found it! I thought I\'d lost my V5 document for my car, so that\'s saved me the hassle and cost (£19) of getting a new one sent to my old address. I\'ll even get a nice shiny V5C in return (the new style).
Tuesday 19th October, 2004 19:55
I tried a Morrisons cheesecake today (Safeways now stock them, as they slowly rebrand), toffee flavoured, and it was really nice and filling.
I Want A Cat
Monday 18th October, 2004 23:03
A cute affectionate one would be nice.

I miss Tom in Spooks already. Apparently Danny and Zoe will leave at the end of this series, although Zoe may come back once she's had her baby.
Thursday 14th October, 2004 09:25
I was hoping to get in to work by 9 today, I think I'll be lucky to arrive by 10 at this rate. Morale is high today. Or not.
Tuesday 12th October, 2004 23:14
I was a bad friend to Caz tonight, I hope she forgives me.
Monday 11th October, 2004 23:24
I don't know why, but I had a sudden urge to play Sleeper's Click...Off...Gone
Sunday 10th October, 2004 21:44
I say an advert for a new mobile from Vodafone that can do email. Which suprised me as my phone supports it. So I tried to connect, but it couldn't find the server. So now I've started writing a basic webmail application. So far it's read only of the headers, but not bad for five minutes work.
Sunday 10th October, 2004 09:05
I can't believe I've been awake since half seven this morning, that's unheard of for me at a weekend! Hopefully it might sort out my sleep pattern enough so I don't oversleep on Monday (again).

Trish has been up for a while, I hope I didn't wake her, but I expect we both woke up feeling thirsty after Maria's birthday thing last night. I was surprised how well it catered for vegetarians.

I've gotten into yet another TV show now, oops! It's Joan of Arcadia, I didn't catch the first season, but the second season seems pretty good.

It was definitely worth upgrading my broadband, now I don't have to worry at all about using the internet, and how much bandwidth I have left for email and MSN (okay, so I do, but to a far lesser extent).

We ended up at Moda the other night (Time rebranded, but basically exactly the same place), the last time I went there was Valentine's Day. It was great to meet Trish and Ros' friends.

National Chocolate Week is over today. Now there's no excuse for eating so much chocolate. As if that'd stop me!

I think the main reason I'm unhappy again at work isn't a lack of chocolate, it's partly due to the 3 day course the other week where I finally had to think for once (I'd gotten used to switching off), and partly because I no longer hear from Helen at work. I miss her. According to her calendar she's not back until after the New Year - a long time to wait for someone who might (or might not) be interested in me.
Tavuk Shish
Saturday 9th October, 2004 21:04
Enjoying a meal with Maria and friends. Including Anna who looks nice. I still want to cuddle her. Not sure where we're going next.
Lindsay Lohan
Friday 8th October, 2004 16:08
I wasn't expecting much from the new track Rumors, but it's not too bad and the video's good (well, it features her, so it can't go wrong). She's only 18 according to IMDB but she's so lovely. She's somehow managed to be in 4 films due in 2005, and two more in 2006. She's in a new Herbie movie, which stars Matt Dillon, who's starring in Crash (not the strange David Cronenberg one) with the lovely Sandra Bullock - who seems to do one commercial movie every couple years, although Miss Congeniality 2 should be out next year, hurrah!
Friday 8th October, 2004 15:56
The third season starts on BBC1 on Monday, I've had to wait ages to find out what happens next. Apparently a new season of Coupling has been ordered for 2005 so I won't have to wait too long, but it'll probably be without Jeff (Richard Coyle) - I wish they'd just wait until he wants to come back, he's what made Coupling so special. No offence to the rest of the cast, but it's just not the same without him. I'm enjoying all four seasons on DVD though, my impulse purchase last month. I might buy the Futurama DVD box set next, followed by the Buffy box set of all seven seasons when it's finally out.
Friday 8th October, 2004 15:56
Wow, what an end to the second season! It got dark and somewhat weird at times, but now it all makes sense. I love this show.

Had the day off work to get the replacement TFT delivered. Should be out later tonight, starting with Judith's celebration at 7, and Ros' celebration a few doors down at 7:30 (which Trish has said is fine to gatecrash). I think I'll save food shopping until tomorrow, I'm just not in the mood.
Fed Up
Wednesday 6th October, 2004 09:32
I don't want to go to work.

I also don't want to go to the dentist later today, but I know I should.

I left my CD player (and lunchbox) at my parents' house yesterday, so no music for me today.
Monday 4th October, 2004 22:42
I couldn't sleep last night, I overslept and was late for work, and when I got home the backlight on my TFT appears to have stopped working. There have been a couple good points today, but today has mostly sucked. And I still haven't been upgraded to 1.5mb, even though I requested it last week (Thursday afternoon they said it'd be processed within 24 hours, and elsewhere I've seen 48 hours mentioned) so why has it taken so long?!?
Monday 4th October, 2004 10:02
couldn't I sleep last night? I was still awake at something like 3am this morning. And now I'm late for work, but I'm thinking of taking a half day anyway (partly because I hate the work and partly because I have things to do today).

I also spotted last night that all the other moderators on Refresh are still moderators, it's only me that's lost all privileges. Jonathan said he'd sort it out nearly 3 weeks ago and he seems to have sorted the others out (or probably didn't touch them), but not me. I originally thought he'd only taken me off to stop me from fiddling while he got the new design up, but I guess not. Still, just means I can't be blamed for editing signatures (like he accused/asked me shortly after) and it's up to him to replace God with Goddess whenever a female member hits the right number of posts. And sort out any dodgy threads. Ah well, time for work.
National Chocolate Week
Sunday 3rd October, 2004 15:27
Begins tomorrow. I might have to buy loads of different types to munch on at work. www.chocolateweek.co.uk
Sunday 3rd October, 2004 00:37
I really fancy Helen from work, I spent far too long today just daydreaming about her and how nice it'd be to spend time with her. I hope she likes hugs and cuddles. I haven't felt so romantic (and lonely) in ages. I miss her. One week down, just another 2 months and 3 weeks to go. I hope she does want to be more than friends (I''m hopeless at reading signs).
How To Be Happy
Sunday 3rd October, 2004 00:21
Step 1: Watch a new romantic comedy (e.g. Wimbledon)
Step 2: Acquire the latest Mike Gayle book, His 'n' Hers
Step 3: Acquire music by Jack Johnson (Brushfire Fairytales or On and On)
Step 4: Climb into bed (electric blanket on if feeling cold)
Step 5: Chat with attractive women online (e.g. Caz or Kath) and not in perverted or dirty way, just a normal conversation.

Well I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday. It helped that I borrowed the latest Mike Gayle book off my brother. I was waiting for the cheaper paperback, but he'd already bought the larger one. It's a shame I can read them in a day when it takes Mike Gayle a year to write the next book. Maybe I'll finally finish Prelude to Foundation that I borrowed off Pam.

I also got around to watching Along Came A Spider tonight, it was on Channel 4 a few weeks back. It was surprisingly good, but I can understand why it wasn't a big box office hit, as it's too clever.
Half Day
Saturday 2nd October, 2004 00:22
I was so fed up at work today that I left after 3 hours (thank goodness I have plenty of Annual Leave). After spending the past 3 days trying to learn, revise and take an exam, coming back to work to copy files back and forth is a bit boring.

On the bright side, it seems my brother has bought the 5th Mike Gayle book (His 'n' Hers) that I was waiting to come out in the smaller paperback edition, so I've started that. I might try the next Helen Fielding book too, now my mum's bought it. It only seems fair after I bought the original Bridget Jones books and all the previous Mike Gayle novels.

Was hoping Chloe would come visit me this weekend, but it's been put back a fortnight. I think I'll have a quiet weekend, catching up on sleep. I know I've not been very sociable recently, but that's mostly because I'm not particularly happy. Still, I'll be fine.
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