Everything, Everything - May 2005

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Australian Drug Sniffers Dogs
Monday 23rd May, 2005 00:42
Unfortunately, the dogs have yet to smell the drug, since the bag of white powder supplied by the Australian Federal Police for the canine training turned out to be talcum powder.

There is no word on how long it will take to break the dogs' talcum habit and retrain them to react only to cocaine. Hehehe
Saturday 21st May, 2005 18:14
Arsenal won!!! They didn't really deserve to, as they were awful, but I don't care. I'm glad we won.

Eurovision tonight, I hope Wogan's as funny as he's been over the last couple years.
Feeling Down
Wednesday 18th May, 2005 21:48
I found out today that the girl I really like at work has a boyfriend (okay, so I shouldn't be that surprised, the girls I like are very rarely single). I hope the new episode of House can help cheer me up tonight. I need a cuddle.
My Webcam Broke
Saturday 14th May, 2005 14:28
Sure, I've had it for well over 4 years now, and the lens bit was broken/loose, and I know I've needed a new one for ages, but last night I noticed it had actually stopped working - I can't get Windows to even work out what USB device it is, it just knows something is connected and not installed properly. Yes, I've tried restarting and trying every USB port, but still no joy. This could be the excuse I need to buy myself a nice digital camera (that can also be used as a webcam).

I was playing with the BitTorrent source code again last night, and discovered there's an 'advanced_ui' interface that basically shows you mroe info, lets you play with half a dozen settings, and lets you resize the window. I accidentally stumbled across it while trying to work out how to save an additional setting, as I want to add an option to the client. I still haven't managed to make it work yet, or get the extra functionality I'm after, but hopefully I'lll work it out. And perhaps add some of the advanced_ui features into the normal version of the client (some of us like to know how many peers and seeds there are without having to open the Peer List).
Wednesday 11th May, 2005 22:17
This site looks surprisingly good at 640x480 in Mozilla FireFox. If only I could work out how to set the resolution to be higher under Linux - the only option I get is 640x480 when I try and Configure Desktop.

EDIT: Several months on, I'm now getting to grips with Linux, I even managed to properly install Slackware on a 1920x1200 widescreen laptop
Zooey Deschanel
Thursday 5th May, 2005 01:22
I just realised why Trillian in the new Hitchhikers movie looks so familiar, she played Cheryl (who I thought was hot and was going to look up sometime on IMDb) in the movie The Good Girl. She was also in Elf, and she was apparently in The New Guy (which Refresh did some promotion work for back in 2002).
The Good Girl
Tuesday 3rd May, 2005 21:28
I finally caught it on Sky Movies, I've wanted to watch it for years. Was quite good.
Cube Zero
Monday 2nd May, 2005 02:14
I was surprised to fnd out that this prequel to the excellent sci-fi film Cube was released in the UK in February I was even more surprised to find out it was pretty good. I decided to watch Cube 2: Hypercube, and it was somewhat interesting and pretty, but sadly wasn't really that good. But now I want to watch Cube to see if it was really as good as I remember - I watched it on Sky Movies when it came out, around the same time that the girl in it played the new Dax character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (wow, that was a long time ago, since then they've had a few seasons of Voyager and nearly four seasons of Enterprise).
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