Everything, Everything - May 2004

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Sunday 30th May, 2004 22:22
It was sold out! So Kev and I came back and watched some Red Dwarf instead.
Off To The Cinema
Sunday 30th May, 2004 19:52
To watch The Day After Tomorrow!
The O.C.
Sunday 30th May, 2004 03:14
Channel 4 announced that Sunday's episode would be the season finale even though they are only half-way through the season. According to Channel 4 "The O.C. will return in the autumn". I'm sure that'll upset a lot of people here.
XviD is Final
Sunday 30th May, 2004 00:18
Apparently the Final version of XviD 1.0 is out, no more Release Candidates, and apparently no more problems with my Yamada DVX6600. I'm hoping that means the occasional jerkiness will no longer occur, and it'll be just like watching DivX encoded movies. Maybe the same thing will apply when I watch stuff streamed off SilentBob2? I always figured it was a buffering problem of some kind, as they play fine locally.
Black Belt
Saturday 29th May, 2004 23:59
My brother's girlfriend Caz has just become a black belt, so if he wasn't under thumb before (and he totally was) I'm sure he will be now. I hope she liked the present he got her for her 21st birthday.

I had a lazy day today, mostly sleeping, but also watching season 2 of Scrubs and chatting to Lynne about how evil VB6 is (specifically variants) and this year's Big Brother. I wasn't planning to watch it this year, but they seem to have all the stereotypes together, which could make it more interesting. Or more annoying.

Kev and I are thinking of watching Troy this week, I suspect it'll not be that great, but it'll be better to watch in the cinema than at home when it's out to rent. Plus quite a few of us might be able to go together, to make it a social event. I still want to watch The Day After Tomorrow sometime, also probably overrated, but again should be fun in a cinema.

I'm also thinking of starting swimming again on Sundays. Or at least doing something to help keep me fit and give me a hobby.
I Want To Be A Cat
Friday 28th May, 2004 21:34
They get to curl up and sleep for 16 hours a day, owners bring them food, and the fur must keep you nice and warm.

Kev and I have cookies and coke. We bought them from Tesco, and bumped into Jamie and Rebecca. I had my hair cut so I didn't feel self conscious. She'll be watching Friends tonight, I bet Channel 4 will show the normal version and not the five minute longer DVD version.
Damn Typo
Friday 28th May, 2004 18:04
Actually, I made a couple, there's 'about' and 'used' - or at least that's what it should have said! I certainly can't imagine anyone wanting to sue a comb.

And yes, Henry, the diary is changing before your eyes.
Getting Up
Friday 28th May, 2004 18:04
Kev has this silly idea that it doesn't take long to do certain things in the morning, such as fluffing pillows and putting gel in your hair. Sure, it's not like it takes half a day, or you have to think about these things in advance, but these extra 'minute' items all add up until you have an extra quarter of an hour in bed. I'd rather spend 15 minutes extra in bed and then make sure the duvet cover is in roughly the right place (10 seconds?) and concentrate on doing the essentials like brushing your teeth (so your breath doesn't smell and your teeth don't fall out). Thing like gel are just a luxury, and what happens if it's raining? Your hair forms some kind of gunky mess that sets in some stupid position. And then you have to do the whole process again, combing it into position. I can't even remember the last time I sued a comb! Mind you, my hair is quite short, if it was longer it'd need combing. My hair's nice and short again now, I'd been meaning to get it cut for ages.

I was a little self conscious about it before going out last night, but I soon forgot about it. It was Rebecca's birthday, and Kev invited me along with them. Was good to see Alison again, she seems nice and friendly. Kev and I left about quarter past 3, leaving the few remaining guys to debate over influential bands and artists. I hope they didn't kill each other. I think Kev kind of switched off throughout most of the music talk, I was aware of most of the bands and music, but even I found it a little over the top. It was a real manly conversation, music followed by football (mostly the whole Rio drug test thing). Kev and I agreed that most of what they were talking abotu was b******s.

Well I hope Rebecca enjoyed her birthday, she seemed a little quiet, but I think she was just tired after a long day. She's lovely.

Kev's showing me pretty photos. had better feign interest ;-) (only kidding, I said that because he can read me typing this)

He wanted to post "Rob is a stalker!" but I've gone back to edit it. For reference, I'm not a stalker. Honest.
Thursday 27th May, 2004 22:11
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Wednesday 26th May, 2004 23:51
Wow, it's really good. It's impossible to describe, you have to see it to realise why it's got 8.6 on IMDB. I loved every second of it, and never wanted it to end. It's made me feel quite lonely though.

Kev invited me over for chips from the local chip shop, and they were really good. I had chips, curry sauce and mushy peas. Much better than the chocolate and packet of crisps I'd had to eat the rest of the day! Hopefully my dad will bring cookies into work for me tomorrow.

Oh, and I think my bosses are trying to discretely put me forward for another award at work, but one of the bigger ones this time (that might involve cash). I'll have to practice looking surprised.
Test The Nation 2004
Sunday 23rd May, 2004 16:36
The questions were a lot more complex this year, really required a lot of thought. I got 134 so I'm quite happy, it sounds right.

I've been sleeping a lot, will try and get into work early on Monday, maybe leave early on Tuesday too.

I could hear Jackie screaming at the TV today, through two closed doors. You can tell there was a grand prix on, just like you could tell Man U were playing yesterday. Still, she sounded happy.
Scrambled Eggs
Tuesday 18th May, 2004 22:07
I was going to make a couple omelettes tonight, but it had stuck a little to the (allegedly non-stick) frying pan, so I gave up and turned it into scrambled eggs instead.

I also had a slight nosebleed, must be the hot weather. Handed in my six month probation report today, hopefully I won't have to touch it again until I sign it.

Work's either getting better, or I'm slowly getting used to the pain of turning up each morning for a dull day. Probably the latter. I'm getting used to far too many things, I'm so laid back now that I often just don't care anymore. You can try as hard as you like, but it's rare things go the way you hope or expect them to. Maybe if I give up entirely and settle for a crap job with a crap life, that'll fail and things will start to work out.

Must be more positive. Can't think of anything to write for today though. I must sound like Marvin from H2G2 (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). Talking of sci-fi, perhaps I'll continue reading the Foundation books.
Sunday 16th May, 2004 02:45
Not too happy today. On a more positive note, I got two numbers on Lotto (but obviously not enough to actually win anything) and I've written a nice multiple user thingy in PHP for use with dynamic forms (it's very quick too).
Friday 14th May, 2004 17:27
Why is it the Ibuprofen tablets I have are pink and look like Smarties? Maybe because my parents bought them for me, I normally buy Nurofen. Ah well, as long as it stops the pain in my neck.
Power Cut
Friday 14th May, 2004 00:13
Perhaps it's a sign we should all be in bed. My downloads are never going to complete. My poor PCs losing power. At least we have loads of lightbulbs if any have blown. Richard and I both got spares today.
Not Well
Thursday 13th May, 2004 00:36
I hurt my shoulder the other day, and today I've had a horrible chesty cough. I spent most of the day in bed asleep, trying to recouperate. I feel a bit better now, well enough to go into work I think.

I'm waiting to hear back from a recruitment agency about a job that should be more interesting than my current one. It'd mean moving away from here though, which would be awful as I've made lots of good friends, but I'm also after job satisfaction, rather than frustration.

I've also finally gotten around to installing PHP. I was so carried away I got it running under IIS and Apache (might even give Apache2 a try as I know what I'm doing now). It's remarkably simple to get up and running, but I suspect I need to tinker with things. The super globals are off by default, which is a pain, but better to get used to them being off than switch it on.

Coupling was okay, but could have been better. I miss Jeff. Even on the phone, he was one of the funniest characters.
Sunday 9th May, 2004 15:49
I just spotted that the new series of Coupling starts on BBC3 on Monday! I can't wait to see it, but I'm sure I'll be upset not to see Jeff. It won't be as good without him.

As the fourth run of the relationship sitcom kicks off, Steve is having nightmares about the imminent patter of tiny feet and Patrick is torn between his love for Sally and getting home for a good night's sleep.

Nine and a Half Minutes
One bar, three different points of view, the same nine and a half minutes. Susan and Steve are pregnant (mostly Susan), Patrick and Sally are discussing relationships (mostly Sally), and Jane has a blind date - but will his job be a problem? Meanwhile, in the skies above an Aegean island, terrible danger grows.

Six new episodes of brilliance:
Nine and a Half Minutes
Night Lines
Bed Time
Circus of the Epidurals
The Naked Living Room
Nine and a Half Months (unconfirmed)
Sunday 9th May, 2004 14:52
It looks like I recognise just two tracks in the current UK top 10 singles chart: D12's My Band and Usher's Yeah. I'm pretty sure I'll recognise the Boogie Pimps song if I heard it (the lead singer's quite hot, and the songs do seem shamefully catchy), and most Busted tracks sound the same so I'll probably spot them (useful if I ever want to hunt them down and kill them). As for ten years ago, I recognise six of them by name, and I'd probably recognise a couple others. I even have Blur's Parklife album, top of the album chart ten years ago - I don't have any of the current chart.

I'm better with the films though, having seen four of the top ten (Kill Bill: Vol. 2, 50 First Dates, The Girl Next Door and The Butterfly Effect - which everyone should watch).

I saw my mum's new car. It's not quite the colour I expected, and it's smaller than my car. In fact, it's lost a couple doors, and the badge at the back says Micra instead of Primera. Yes, my mum's car isn't ready, so she's got a little silver Micra S courtesy car. It's not my style, but it doesn't look too bad a car. The real new car will hopefully be brought over on Monday, so I'll get to see it then.
Saturday 8th May, 2004 02:00
After the disaster that was Comedy Night on Monday, I've stumbled across the American comedian Robert Schimmel. He's rude and funny, and did I mention rude? I'll have to get hold of more of his work.

I've been somewhat accident prone the last couple days. On Thursday I accidentally walked into the corner of a table, and today I burnt the roof of my mouth while eating baked beans. Still, the table incident can be explained by Sarah, the pretty girl who was in the room at the time. The beans incident comes from just being a cretin.

Kev and I went bowling with people from work on Thursday night, we came up with Cretin Bowling, with the bumpers up, another attempt if you miss, grenades for if you do badly, 50:50 to get rid of half the pins, and a few other things that were funny at the time. I came third and second in our lane with fairly respectable scores for each game.

Kev failed to introduce me to Rebecca (again) but he seemed to think she's not as cute and innocent as I think she is. I don't see how, as he admits he doesn't really know her. Plus who said I want a cute and innocent girl? I don't want some kind of deviant slut, but something in between might be nice.

The Friends finale was okay, a typical friends episode rather than a wonderful finale, but at least it was fairly funny and resolved things. The last episode this season of The O.C. was sad though, a horrible ending that they really must resolve quickly next season.

I managed to regain pretty much all the data I nearly lost on my WD drive, so I'm relieved. I might even do a defrag shortly. Eventually I'll move the switch and router so there's only the cable modem in the lounge - although Jackie's already managed to fill the new void with the spare duvet! They're away all next week, so I'll have the flat to myself. Ideal if I actually had a girlfriend. Even just a cuddle on the sofa as we watch a movie would be nice.
Comedy Night
Tuesday 4th May, 2004 00:24
It was painful. The Polish guy was awful. It would have been better if he'd given up, especially when no one volunteered for his little play. The other acts weren't that great either, although the headline act was okay.

The only benefit of going, aside from seeing Jonathan and Kev, was that I bumped into Vicky (Ilsley?), who I haven't seen in about 4 years when we were both at Pate's. I'll have to keep an eye out for her next month, see if she's still got that old car of hers. I wasn't sure if she was there with a boyfriend, so I'll have to make sure I don't get beaten up by anyone from asking too many friendly questions. Even if I do, it'd probably be more entertaining than the comedy was tonight.

I seem to be recovering most of the 120GB drive okay, it's a very slow process, but it's looking good. Fingers crossed, with a little bit of movement and burning, I might save almost all of it!
Oh Dear!
Monday 3rd May, 2004 02:25
Went to a pub quiz tonight, we came 18th out of 20. Still, it was a fairly pleasant evening.

I spotted the pretty barmaid who works at another pub, I suspect I'll see her when I go their to comedy night tomorrow evening. Unfortunately I saw her with (what I can only assume is) her boyfriend.

After much messing around (including making a hole in the back of my cupboard using only a screwdriver and a pair of scissors - well, that and brute force and ignorance), SilentBob2 is in my cupboard and full of hard disks. Nearly had a panic when the 180GB drive wasn't detected, but luckily it wasn't a limitation of the motherboard, it was an incorrectly set jumper. The bad news is, once in XP, my 120GB Western Digital drive is screwed. I'm attempting to see what I can recover with a freeware/shareware program right now, but I suspect I may have lost it all. At least it wasn't 180GB like last time. I never did like that WD drive (this is the replacement for the one that failed last time).

Am supposed to be going shopping tomorrow with my parents, not sure if I'll be up to make it at this rate. So much for me working on dynamic forms written in PHP!
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