Everything, Everything - March 2006

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Friday 31st March, 2006 11:00
I was playing music on my mobile in the bathroom as I had a shower this morning, and just as one track (Muse - Sunburn, which I hadn\'t heard in ages) was finishing I started thinking about Basement Jaxx - Red Alert and then it started playing on my mobile. What a scary coincidence.

I also finally got around to installing MSN 8 on the fileserver (not sure I like the look of it yet), I momentarily lost a new contact (Tania's friend El/Elle/Eleanor) as she wasn\'t under a group, and was amazed to see every single person I have ever added and later removed to my contact list at the bottom as a Non-Instant-Messenging Contact (all 368 of them).
Poor Katie
Wednesday 29th March, 2006 12:06
The rather odd Mr Cruise wants her to give birth silently. Didn\'t Nicole Kidman adopt? Now we know the real reason why!
Sunday 26th March, 2006 03:13
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the new UPS worked perfectly the other week when my flatmate killed the power for 5 seconds. My fileserver also uses far less power than I expected. I really should go to bed now, thanks to BST it's now ridiculously early.
Who Needs A Knife
Sunday 26th March, 2006 03:13
While I stayed in the hotel last week, I had bread, butter, cheese and pate, but no knife. So I used a spare black pen instead. It was either that or the keycard for the room, but I thought they might get upset.
IE Vulnerability
Friday 24th March, 2006 15:29
There's some talk about a vulnerability in a fully patched version of IE6 on Windows XP SP2, but I don\'t have to worry because it doesn\'t affect IE7 Beta 2 - hurrah! Microsoft said: Customers who use IE 7 Beta 2 Preview, which was released March 20, are not affected by the "createTextRange" vulnerability. Mind you, according to Security Focus (and based on my knowledge of IE), remote attackers may exploit this issue to crash affected browsers or to execute arbitrary machine code in the context of affected users. So it can\'t do too much damage unless you're logged on with admin privileges. I\'ve also taken a quick look at a preview of Firefox 2.0 and I\'m pretty sure it doesn't deserve a major release, as there's only 3 small new features. They should have fixed most of the memory leaks too, but that still doesn\'t really deserve to be more than a 1.6 type of release.

I was reading in the paper today about the new South Park episode that pokes fun at Chef, after Isaac Hayes decided to leave the show. The voice is from clips taken from other episodes, crudely put together, and the storyline sounds quite funny.
Random Thoughts
Friday 24th March, 2006 13:21
Why can\'t BBC News 24 sort out there teletext subtitles so it won\'t make silly mistakes. When talking about fish, the text said "tune a" for tuna (just a few words after salmon) and for the cockle picker incident they talked about "a legal immigrants" instead of illegal. I wish my mobile's predictive text was better too. I had other things to rant about, like the strange recurring sound that the train is making - I have my headphones in now, but most have slipped my mind.
Wobbly Worms
Thursday 16th March, 2006 15:44
Is it just me, or do Marks & Spencer's wobbly worms sweets look more like giant sperms? Their double chocolate mini muffins are yummy though.
Costa Coffee
Monday 13th March, 2006 11:57
It just isn\'t as good as Starbucks.
Damon Hill
Friday 3rd March, 2006 14:26
I sat on the table next to him this morning. I think Jackie was jealous, my brother told me to tell him he sucked. Rob told Mark to tell him he has all his records (bit of a running in-joke we all have). He seems like a really nice guy.
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