Everything, Everything - July 2013

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Wednesday 31st July, 2013 16:26
Sunday 28th July, 2013 20:48
Things not to type into Google (featuring @ashens): https://t.co/r5LFTgwsZ7
Friday 26th July, 2013 20:58
8 Out Of 10 Cats + Countdown + kittens = best show ever!
Wednesday 24th July, 2013 06:48
Arsenal might be about to sell Gervinho and buy Suarez? The latter seems like a nasty person, but he's a much better player than the former.
Saturday 20th July, 2013 13:41
Friday 19th July, 2013 17:26
Most musical comedians aren't funny.
Thursday 18th July, 2013 16:10
Running the Android emulator inside a Fedora VM with low amounts of memory is not something I'd recommend. Performance is slooooooooow.
Tuesday 16th July, 2013 12:45
What are the odds that opting out of "default-on" gets you added to another list? Or am I being too cynical? ;)
Tuesday 16th July, 2013 08:15
Firefox (and other apps using NSS) finally supports TLS 1.2. Only 5 years after the standard was first defined.
Tuesday 16th July, 2013 05:47
Guy that needed some change for parking yesterday morning just gave it back to the generous woman today. Some people are nice after all! :)
Monday 15th July, 2013 11:31
Cavani presumably taken by PSG, Suarez and Higuain getting too expensive, potentially snubbed by Jovetic, will Arsenal target Lewandowski?!?
Sunday 14th July, 2013 10:07
Holy crap Finn (from Glee) is dead! Cory Monteith was only 31! http://t.co/WZFZSfvG6k
Wednesday 10th July, 2013 22:54
Revenge Wears Prada http://t.co/Pq5GVrhfTl
Revenge Wears Prada
Wednesday 10th July, 2013 20:59
This is possibly the most disappointing book I have ever read. Not only was it poorly written, it also destroyed what could have been an interesting franchise around some interesting characters. It makes me wonder if The Devil Wears Prada was even written by the author. If it was, it had to be some kind of fluke.
Wednesday 10th July, 2013 20:50
Wednesday 10th July, 2013 12:48
Windows 8.1 Preview looks pretty good. Nice to have a Start button again; less keen on default search, but can customise it to be useful.
Wednesday 10th July, 2013 09:08
Vogue UK + Konami code = Dinosaurs with hats! http://t.co/v19cQlANiA
Wednesday 10th July, 2013 07:14
TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2, DNSSEC, IPv6 adoption is very low despite standards existing for years. I'd like to say that I'm surprised, but I'm not.
Wednesday 10th July, 2013 07:05
HTTP 2.0 will take at least a decade before most people use it. Even if clients support it (off by default?), majority of servers won't.
Monday 8th July, 2013 21:53
We can cope without TV5, if Kos or Per get injured/banned we can play Sagna as CB with Carl or Ramsey as RB. I'm joking, but it'll happen.
Saturday 6th July, 2013 16:32
Twitter doesn't support animated gifs? :(
Saturday 6th July, 2013 12:58
Come on Sabine Lisicki! #wimbledon
Friday 5th July, 2013 16:47
It must be summer, I'm outside and I'm not wearing a coat. I hope it lasts.
Friday 5th July, 2013 07:08
Person sat next to me on the train stinks. Really stinks. My poor nose!
Wednesday 3rd July, 2013 18:12
I said earlier that Andy Murray was going to "do a Rocky" and come back to win... BUT I WAS JOKING! #comeonandy
Opera Now More Compatible
Tuesday 2nd July, 2013 19:04
The new version of Opera is now available, according to The Register. Apparently users care about being able to browse web pages:

"The vast majority of problems users had were with compatibility – with sites not following the standards and Opera following the standards. It’s now compatible with most sites – and we have the features most people want."

It's strange to see Opera abandon their principles... I mean change their stance on web standards.
Tuesday 2nd July, 2013 18:22
Microsoft Corporation: Create an affordable MSDN subscription comparable to TechNet. https://t.co/kqjUFzm86z via @change
Tuesday 2nd July, 2013 18:11
Opera Now More Compatible http://t.co/f7NOf95cxG
Monday 1st July, 2013 08:23
Waited 8 mins to import an OVA file into VirtualBox. Import failed because .vbox file already exists. Why not check *before* writing .vmdk?!
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