Everything, Everything - July 2009

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Tuesday 7th July, 2009 19:25
Enhanced in post production,
Strength measured as resistance to brushing.
Styled with natural hair extensions.
76% of 100 women tested.

You have to wonder how much you can trust these beauty product adverts, you might as well say something like:

Model is bald, wearing a wig.
Strength measured as randomly generated number.
25% of 9 women tested.
Thursday 2nd July, 2009 18:00
I don't have backups of a lot things (most things?). I do have backups of all my important things. So it made me laugh a little bit when I read this post from Andy:

I have an absurdly important Excel file which has decided to stop opening for no apparent reason. It's my job tracker which basically means it houses info about all my clients (about 200 or so at last count) in terms of the progress of each job and other important info. It's pretty much irreplacable and hilariously, not backed up anywhere.

We've all been there at some point, but it's usually this sort of turning point in your life that you realise the important of backups.
Wednesday 1st July, 2009 15:46
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PHP Trouble
Wednesday 1st July, 2009 09:32
I've been playing around with PHP 5.3.0 and discovered a very annoying quirk. It's not a bug, it's a configuration issue. If you don't modify php.ini to state what timezone you're in, any calls to anything time or date related (e.g. date(), mktime(), strtotime()) will cause an error message. Depending on how you've configured your server, this can lead to all sorts of issues.
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