Everything, Everything - July 2004

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New Router
Friday 30th July, 2004 19:14
Richard's switching my router for his new one. I won't have an engineer install Telewest broadband in the new flat until the 9th. Need to get my phone back off Kev too. I thought Jason would be out tonight, but Michelle's behaviour over the past couple days will probably mean she's out tonight. Lucky Stu.
Friday 30th July, 2004 01:03
Must try and remember to take them into work!
Should Be Asleep
Friday 30th July, 2004 01:03
But I can't, listening to my iPod and thinking about Lynne, Shelly, Helen, moving flat and what I want in life. Haven't heard back from Lynne in a while, but she's probably just busy.
Monday 26th July, 2004 23:26
Went out with Kev, Rich and Jackie tonight, had ham and eggs for dinner and some beer. Was a pretty good time, we'll have to do it more often.
Monday 26th July, 2004 23:23
Apparently Jamie and Kev found mice at Jamie's house, but weren't going to do anything about them. But then Rebecca and their other housemate came home and discovered them. They've put traps and poison out and they haven't seen a body, but they think it might be dead. Poor Rebecca feels guilty, apparently, and I don't think Jamie's being very supportive from what Kev said tonight.
Mum's Birthday
Sunday 25th July, 2004 18:00
It's my mum's birthday tomorrow and for once I've bought her a card on time. I even bought one for my dad to give to her, normally I rely on him to bail me out when I've left it to the last minute, so it's a role reversal for once.

I've nearly finished the antibiotics, and while I do feel a lot better, I just hope it's enough as I can still see a little bit of the infection. I'll still take them until Tuesday morning, hopefully I'll be fine after that. I'm back at work on Monday though, which gives me a few days to try and sort stuff out with Trish about moving in to the new flat.

It sounds like I have a backup plan if Pete can't get a trailer (his friend's was stolen, so he's having to ask someone else), one that doesn't involve carrying my things down the road. I really need to sort out possessions and finances this week. Should be fun.

Lynne's back from the Alps now, sounds like she might be having trouble with her luggage (confiscated by the fashion police? Only kidding, I like her clothes) but I'm sure she had a good time. Trish goes on holiday in a fortnight, it seems like all my friends and family are going away, I'll have to do something myself before I go insane from work.

I didn't get the promotion I was after, I might apply for another internal job, but I'm getting pretty fed up and might just talk to some local recruitment agencies at this rate.
Chocolate on Chocolate
Saturday 24th July, 2004 16:20
100 Years
Saturday 24th July, 2004 02:01
Apparently ice cream cones have been around for 100 years now, according to BBC News. And we might even be able to look forward to some awful new flavours (from abroad) to stick in them. But I'll stick to the classics. One flavour I love is coffee, but supermarkets never seem to sell it. Does anyone know where you can get it except expensive ice cream specialist stores and/or places near the sea? I do look forward to alcoholic ice cream though, which has been predicted to appear for parties.
Big Brother
Friday 23rd July, 2004 23:33
Well I was expecting Jason to go out this week, but after the row at the 'wedding' I wasn't too surprised that Victor was evicted tonight. I had to change my shares from Jason to Victor on the BBC's Celebdaq.

If you saw the adverts for Talk Talk (the people who sponsor Big Brother this year) would you really want to switch to them? They ring next door's doorbell, the 'really chatty' person doesn't say anything, and they go around the country 3 times rather than strategically travelling to the locations in one single journey. Does this mean you get charged for calls you never made, and the bill ends up at next door, and the company will make poor decisions (like sponsoring Big Brother) resulting in their quick demise?

My brother had his toenail sorted out today, without anaesthetic. I'd rather him than me. Apparently it was very painful and there was a lot of blood. I'm sure I'd have passed out, but I doubt I'd have let it get that bad in the first place.
Thursday 22nd July, 2004 19:58
I sent Lynne a text and asked her over MSN when her next holiday was so I wouldn't send her another text abroad, but she didn't say so I ended up doing it again. I wish I was in the Alps instead of stuck at home feeling ill.

Vodafone have lowered their data charges so it's cheaper to view pages and post things. I'm sure I can view larger pages too.

I made a double build up milkshake with loads of calories and now I'm bloated and feel sick.
Tuesday 20th July, 2004 19:47
Just thought I'd mention I'm off work for the rest of the week, doctor's orders. He says I've got a viral illness, but the reason I'm not feeling fine now is I have a secondary bacterial infection in my throat - acute tonsilitis. So because I find it painful to swallow anything, I now have to swallow a red pill four times a day. He suggested penicillin, but I reminded him I'm mildly allergic to it, so I'm on some other thing beginning with an E.

I went to collect it from the Safeways pharmacy, did a little shopping and found my 29p pack of 75 bendy straws - bargain! I'd been thinking about owning straws for weeks now. You run out of normal things to think about when you're ill and there's nothing to do. Now I don't even have Cold Feet to watch (Amazon have it at a great price, I'd buy it but I'm moving flat at the end of the month and I have no idea if I can afford it or the new hard disk I've already got my dad to order), and the rest of the week off to do nothing except rest and concentrate on getting better.
Susie Dent
Tuesday 20th July, 2004 19:35
I watched Countdown today, not sure if I was rubbish from being ill or lack of practice, but it was good to see Susie in the Dictionary Corner - even if it's not a corner anymore. Presumably the same logic behind square boxing rings.
Sport Relief
Saturday 10th July, 2004 22:31
It's like Comic Relief, but it's not funny. Or not as funny. I'm really ill, so being looked after by parents.
Flat Hunting
Wednesday 7th July, 2004 23:29
Trish says this one flat is really nice, but a shade expensive. I'll take a look at it on Friday, I hope it's nice - it certainly sounds like what we're both after!

I'll be stuck without the internet for some of tomorrow and Friday, but at least I'll have my iPod to listen to MP3s and my mobile for WAP and text messages etc. so I'll cope. I wonder what I can get at the flat, Telewest or perhaps I'll have to go with ADSL.

Not feeling 100%, chest still hurts a bit, hope I'm not coming down with a cold.
Wednesday 7th July, 2004 23:27
He's mean. He told Jamie that I fancied Rebecca, and it seems he told her. I won't say anything. She's nice, but she's clearly not interested in me.
Comedy Night
Tuesday 6th July, 2004 23:21
Was dissapointed to hear Kev say that Jamie had told Rebecca I fancy her. It's true, but still, I didn't really want her to know, or if she did know it'd be nice if she was interested, but she obviously isn't.

I bought Lynne some flowers as a surprise on Monday (delivered to her at work), she seemed to think it was me (a good sign that there's no one else on the scene) but is still not happy on receiving gifts. I wanted to tell her I bought them because I miss her so damn much (as a friend, but I do still wonder where things could have gone with her).
Private Diary Entries
Tuesday 6th July, 2004 23:14
I've made it so some of my entries are private, and won't be seen on the site (or at least not straight away, I can change it at the database level or just allow it for past months). I've been meaning to do this for ages, along with a whole bunch of other useful additions that haven't made it this far.

Comedy night was excellent, especially Milton Jones at the end, although I suspect his act could get a bit repetitive and annoying if he had more time. Jude Simpson was pretty good to start with too, different to what you normally hear on stage.

Jamie might be at the job interview thingy I have Thursday night, so that sounds like a good excuse to get drunk! It'll be odd hearing what the place is like from someone who's been there far less time than I have!

I have cookies. Yay.
Tuesday 6th July, 2004 17:45
I've had a painful chest all day, it comes and goes, not sure what it is yet. Probably just a bruise or something simple like that. Hurts though.

Lindsay Lohan is lovely, I just saw her in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and it was a fairly lightweight and entertaining film, a bit of a girly film, but I liked it.

Not long until comedy night, had better find something good to wear. And maybe sort out clothes for the next couple days.

Chest still hurts, ouch.
Tomato Soup
Tuesday 6th July, 2004 15:53
I'm just about to eat some yummy tomato soup and watch TV. Tomorrow's interview has been moved back to Thursday now, but I got my four dodgy looking passport photos anyway.

Comedy night tonight, not long now. And I solved this really annoying problem at work. I knew my code was right, but it came up with an error message about the syntax. I copied an existing database and it all works fine, so it must have been a problem with the access database file (I'd even tried re-creating the tables from scratch) - very odd!
Half Day
Tuesday 6th July, 2004 09:35
I'm only going in to work this morning, will take the afternoon off to catch up with things before a very hectic couple days. Comedy night tonight! Can't wait!!

I think Lynne liked her surprise yesterday.

Time for work.
Monday 5th July, 2004 22:04
Becki from Big Brother reminds me of Golum.
It Was Worth It
Sunday 4th July, 2004 21:11
I've restarted both SilentBob and SilentBob2 and both are running smothly (Remote Desktop works again!). SilentBob2 is much faster now, and my own machine seems a shade slicker.
Jackie Has Cold Feet
Sunday 4th July, 2004 21:06
As in all 5 series on DVD! Woohoo, I've been wanting to get it for ages, in fact I was waiting for it to come out, but last thing I knew there were just the first 4 seasons on their own. Can't justify buying my own box set while her and Richard have it, but at least I'll get to watch all the episodes I've missed.

Oh, and SilentBob2 is being a fiddly bastard, had to connect him to a monitor, hoping a restart will do the trick.
Sunday 4th July, 2004 20:40
I think it's fixed, I now check fields have been filled before adding to the database. I hoped to delete blank rows, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work, even though the query is apparently successfully executing. Ah well.
Not Sure Why
Sunday 4th July, 2004 15:36
But the way I post entries by mobile sometimes adds blank entries to the database! Must fix it, even though I blame Vodafone's WAP service as it worked fine before.
Sunday 4th July, 2004 15:36
Everyone here is talking about going on holiday. I want to go on holiday, but I don't have anyone to go with, not even a housemate like Lynne did. Not that I could really afford to go if I move in with Trish. Sounds like things are getting better between her and Gareth.
Current Playlist
Sunday 4th July, 2004 11:47
Jack Johnson - Middle Man
Jack Johnson - Taylor
Jack Johnson - Rodeo Clowns
Jack Johnson - Mudfootball

Damn Sarah for getting me into his music. Ah well. Nearly lunchtime, I'm feeling hungry for once. Weekends are so short, but this is one of the most productive ones I've had in ages.
Saturday 3rd July, 2004 23:13
Parklife was a great album, shame they couldn't keep making such songs ten years later.
Expert Colour
Saturday 3rd July, 2004 22:30
How can you get perfect colour by yourself? Surely adding highlights yourself is asking for trouble? You'll end up with a big light patch in one place and no more dye to fix it.

Cleaned the bathroom today, anything white is bright white and what was supposed to be white is now restored to its former glory. I almost don't want to wash, shave or use the toilet as it'll ruin it.
Saturday 3rd July, 2004 16:32
I've known for a while that my Digiguide 6.0 wasn't current as 6.1 was out and I somehow didn't get updated automatically, but I was amazed to see 7.0 is out and there's a beta of 8.0, that I'm now running. My subscription runs out in November, it used to be great to have, but not sure how much I need it anymore.
Saturday 3rd July, 2004 11:35
I fell asleep early last night for about twelve hours. I woke at nine, unsure if that was in the morning or at night! Time to eat the lunch I've just cooked. Not bad for me on a Saturday. Normally I'm fast asleep. Kev's gone home this weekend. Can't wait for comedy night, will be good to see Rebecca and Jamie again - saw them on the way home last week, but they wouldn't have spotted me in my car.
Thursday 1st July, 2004 23:20
How sad and geeky, I've done a massive 4321 units on SETI@home. A nice number though, I'll have to wait a few more years to hit 54321.
Thursday 1st July, 2004 23:10
It's okay, only 9 mins into it so far, before Kev and Gareth disturbed me on MSN. Feeling a lot better now, have started taking hayfever tablets and eye drops recently and I feel much more upbeat. Work is getting better, possibly just because of the current work I've been allowed to do, but I do feel a lot more like my usual self. I can't wait for the meeting tomorrow, so I can say no to the request and then dump some extra work on them in return. Hehehe, I'm feeling evil again.

Hopefully looking at more flats this week, things are looking up - yay!
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