Everything, Everything - February 2005

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Monday 28th February, 2005 21:36
Yay, they had Futurama in stock, apparently, although it's twice the price of Amazon. Everywhere else appears to be sold out (including Play.com - and a couple other places just didn't list it). HMV were also cheaper for the Friends complete box set, so I added that in too (so overall it's about the same price). Packed tomorrow, arrive on Wednesday? Maybe I'll take the day off for it to arrive.
Limited Availability
Monday 28th February, 2005 21:23
Damn I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! I must buy box sets quicker, the Futurama complete box set appears to be sold out at Amazon and Play. Crap.
Sunday 27th February, 2005 12:12
I nearly managed it, must be the first time in ages that I've not finished ice cream. Not that I can remember trying to tackle a whole litre before.
Women Suck
Sunday 27th February, 2005 12:12
Chloe is waiting for her boyfriend to get a new job before they move together, so she's closer to work. Donna was "kind of dating" some guy who asked her out for Valentine's Day (the same day she told me she hated and didn't want any reminders), but now it seems he's her "fella" and there's no way I can date her. No wonder she didn't get back to me for a week, even after she promised to send me a text about her little pregnancy scare. And one of the many Helens I know, who lives nearby, has gotten back together with her ex-boyfriend now he's back from Iraq. One of the Helens from work keeps emailing me jokes and funny things, but that's really getting annoying now. I'm debating placing a rule to mark them as read and dump them in a folder. I've been chatting quite a bit with Helen from uni, didn't realise she'd been single for so long, I'd possibly ask her out but I know she's not interested in me. Katie's as lovely as ever, she hasn't mentioned her boyfriend, I don't even know if they're still together, but she's great and probably isn't mentioning it to be polite. I haven't heard back from Caz in a couple weeks either. I'm so fed up with women.
Saturday 26th February, 2005 23:22
Morisson's Triple Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream was on offer, buy 2 for £3.00 - only downside is I can't fit them both in my freezer, so I'm gonna try and eat a whole litre of ice cream before I fall asleep. I think I'm going to make myself sick.
Take Your Mama Out
Tuesday 22nd February, 2005 10:14
Listening to it before I go to work.

I saw a funny caption on a photo of a girl holding a dog:
I asked for a phone I got a puppy...

And then I spotted someone's comment, which asked
Does it have kewl ring tones?

Very funny.

Feeling good this morning, even if I am running late. I hate my job, but at least I get it done.
Monday 21st February, 2005 17:42
I called up Direct Line's number for existing motor insurance customers and they actually answered quite quickly (about 3 minutes in a queue, rather than half an hour like I expected). And then, even better, they're going to send me (for free) a copy of my certificate overnight, so hopefully I'll get it in the next couple days - in time to tax my car.

Also, the hideous code at work I thought I'd have to write is turning out to be fairly easy. I've decided to use Access to call the emails in Outlook, rather than use Outlook to push the info into Access (as I've been shown) and this has made life very easy. I'm reading plain text in a CSV type format, and using Split() I managed to break it all up to store into the table (rather than having to use Word to search for things, like I was shown in the Outlook demo). Suddenly I don't feel quite so worried about this deadline.

It snowed a couple times today, not enough to settle though. Maybe it was just because I was the other side of town, where the humidity is fine, but today has been a good day. It turns out the hygrometer we have can record under 25% relative humidity, as it hit 24% today. Crap. Shame I've got to be there tomorrow.
TGI Friday
Sunday 13th February, 2005 17:43
Went there for the first time ever, once we'd finally found it in Cardiff. Had the Wicked Chicken, was really nice.
Sunday 13th February, 2005 08:54
What on earth am I doing awake so early on a Sunday? Well it's my brother's birthday this week, so my parents are driving me up to see him and we're all going out for lunch. My iPod's charged for the trip, could do with putting some new music on sometime, but I'll survive.
London Underground
Tuesday 8th February, 2005 19:54
I came across the music a while back, but now someone's done a Flash animation.
Panic Over
Saturday 5th February, 2005 23:53
I was worried I'd run out of food to snack on, but I've found some chocolate. All is well.
Shallow Hal
Saturday 5th February, 2005 23:06
Just finished watching it on Channel 4, it was pretty good.
Square Cookie
Friday 4th February, 2005 22:18
Why is my white choc chip cookie square?
Windows XP Professional Reduced Media Edition
Tuesday 1st February, 2005 00:14
The EU aren't happy with Microsoft's choice of name for the versions of WIndows XP that don't come with Windows Media Player and all the other related bits. An OS without mplayer2.exe is asking for trouble, that's why 2000 had it brought back in with Service Pack 1, I believe (will have to check sometime or that will bug me). It's the same price, so most consumers will probably stick to the normal package. Still, it'll keep the EU off Microsoft's back (assuming it comes up with a nicer name) for a while.

I need to get some more AA batteries. I noticed Aria had some on special offer the other day, 1p for a pack of 4! But they only had 3 left.
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