Everything, Everything - February 2004

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Random Words
Sunday 29th February, 2004 19:13
Nearly choked, listen to Air, old Simpsons, Anna Friel, CMOS battery, work, bad back, lazy.
Monday 23rd February, 2004 00:52
I should be going out with friends from work on Wednesday. The last time I was in a Hogshead pub was in Exeter with Katie on our great date. I got an email from her this evening, the rude rainbow script, she has a nice sense of humour.

I remember sitting in the courtyard waiting to bump into her the few days before, I was sitting on the grass, surrounded by bees, hoping they wouldn't sting me. They didn't, and I got to find out Katie's name, so it was worth it. I wish we lived closer.
Can't Sleep
Monday 16th February, 2004 01:38
Using my mobile again as I can't be bothered to turn on my PC. Need sleep. Can't stop thinking about work and I have a song stuck in my head. Will write a decent entry soon.
From My Mobile
Tuesday 10th February, 2004 23:09
It looks like I can post short little updates from my mobile if I want to. Yay
Monday 9th February, 2004 23:48
Ate an entire pizza for dinner today, quite impressive for me, was a very yummy pepperoni one, but now I'm feeling a little bloated. It was worth it, I couldn't let it go to waste!

Lynne's been having trouble with her computer, it's not viewing web pages, but email and MSN works fine. Hopefully it'll be ok in the morning. If not it could be tricky to solve.

I'm waiting for my parcel to arrive tomorrow, my bargain 160GB SATA hard disk (with controller card, cable, power convertor) and a nice firewire card I can shove in my dad's computer for my iPod.

Been looking into SSL certificates too, and talking about IP addresses on the internet. Now I'm going to watch Eddie Izzard's sketch that he did entirely in French. It's hilariously funny and very impressive. Then I'll watch some more of Great Teacher Onizuka and head to bed.

Oh, and I killed my parents' old fan heater. Still, it was old and probably very inefficient, will buy a new one from Argos soon, as it's pretty cold this week.
Day Off
Tuesday 3rd February, 2004 16:48
Room's looking better now, and I feel better, I should take days off work more often! Still, I did have a nosebleed, but aside from that today's been pretty good.

Will try and order my phone again later tonight, might even get it Thursday morning if I'm lucky.
No New Phone
Monday 2nd February, 2004 18:11
Damn, I thought they might, they cancelled the order. No new phone for me yet.
New Phone
Sunday 1st February, 2004 21:37
Hopefully I should be getting myself a new phone on Tuesday (assuming the credit card is processed okay), not holding my breath as I've put the flat's address and it never asked for the billing address, which is technically still my parent's house. But I want this phone (T610) and my new number isn't bad (almost as cool as my old one).

Looking forward to a pub lunch tomorrow, and comedy night in the evening. Have invited Ursula and Amy along, after I bumped into them and Luke and a few friends on Wednesday at the end of my work social.

Was slightly late to the social, as was many people, due to the snow. My ten minute journey took nearly two hours, as everyone crawled along. I think it was also due to the closure of the M5 from junctions 8 to 11. Still, it was a good night out.

The mobile was retail therapy, the finishing touch to raise my spirits after a rather depressing day at work on Friday. Here's what I typically do to bring me out of a bad mood:
  • Talk to friends
  • Watch a funny movie
  • Eat chocolate
So I talked to Lynne (guaranteed to lift my spirits), watched Office Space (very funny but I failed to watch the ending properly), and I managed to stumble upon a 400g bar of Galaxy in the back of a cupboard (just 300g left as of Saturday morning).
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