Everything, Everything - August 2008

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Monday 18th August, 2008 10:47
From today onwards when the baguette van arrives, Reception will call out 'Timecheck'

What? Why? Who came up with the daft idea that we should associate the word "timecheck" with "the baguette van is here"? Perhaps it sounds more professional than "baguette" being shouted over the comms system, but it also sounds like a scarily cryptic codeword.
U Iz Dum
Monday 18th August, 2008 10:43
A friend (I didn't check which one) posted on Facebook about the article Your school is failing, Ofsted tells four-year-olds in letter. The article says at one point:

In one letter sent to pupils at a Nottinghamshire primary, the inspector who visited the school wrote: "You are not reaching the standards you should in English, mathematics and science, and this means you are not well prepared for your future adult lives.

It seems counterintuitive to write letters to students that are failing English. Perhaps they're hoping that it'll be a good example to follow. Maybe they should encourage them to write back (probably in crayon) so they can practise the skills they're (not) learning, through a purposeful activity such as writing a letter of complaint to Ofsted.
Mike Gayle
Monday 18th August, 2008 10:11
I finished reading The Life and Soul of the Party last night, which wasn't bad considering my brother lent it to me yesterday afternoon. It didn't flow as well as Gayle's previous books, and there seemed to be a lot of characters (earlier books tended to introduce less than half a dozen people), but it was still enjoyable.
The Hottest Temperature On Earth
Tuesday 5th August, 2008 18:51
I don't normally use the anti-perspirant deodorant that I'm currently using, but I spotted this on the back of the Sure For Men can:

Hottest Temperature Recorded On Earth

I presume they're alluding to the record that was set in Libya on September 13, 1922, with an impressive 57.7 °C (135.9 °F). At least I hope that's what they mean, because I have a whole load of things in my flat that will beat 58 degrees:

Washing Machine

Scientists have even been able to beat the items in my flat, managing to create a superheated gas that measures a staggering 3.6 billion degrees Fahrenheit (hotter than the interior of our Sun). In true scientific form, they didn't know how they did it.
Linux On The PS3
Friday 1st August, 2008 09:00
Is it worth it? Someone doesn't seem to think so and he has a lot of valid points, such as a lack of OpenGL support, WINE doesn't work, you don't get a huge choice in resolutions, Flash doesn't work properly (so no YouTube).
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