Everything, Everything - August 2005

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Thursday 25th August, 2005 21:08
I think the BitTorrent 4.1.4 client reads the max_upload_rate setting when it loads and then never actually changes it where it matters internally , even though it'll write the current value to the config file correctly and act as if all is well. I can't easily spot where it's going wrong/differs to previous clients either. I'm sure I'll spot it eventually, or another version of the client will come out soon. I may just go back to my old 4.1.2 based client, as it worked okay.

I have a big bar of chocolate, yay!
Upload Rate
Tuesday 23rd August, 2005 09:16
I'm not sure, but I think the upload rate is broken in the official BitTorrent client, as it always seems to run at the default rate, and moving the slider bar doesn't seem to do anything. Will look into it properly later.
Monday 22nd August, 2005 00:32
I just realised why the share ratio I display for each torrent doesn't fluctuate wildly like it used to on previous versions of the official BitTorrent client that I'd modified. I'd originally worked out the share ratio based on the amount of data uploaded against the amount of data downloaded (which is how the BitTornado client used to display it), but the client's original code (which I re-used this time around) compares the amount uploaded against the total size of the torrent. Because the BitTornado style method ends up with the amount downloaded being equal to the size of the torrent it would always behave the same when completed, no matter which method I use. So do I go back to the BitTornado style (which is more accurate if you only selected certain files from a torrent), which was a little more interesting to see, or do I stick wth the normal calculation (which assumes you will download all the files in a torrent, as that's all you can do so far)? Or do I make it into yet another option that the user can select? At least my logic isn't faulty, it just depends which logic you prefer to see in action.

With so many changes to the code in BitTorrent 4.1.4 it's given me the opportunity to add my modifications again from scratch, hopefully without all the bugs and mistakes I made along the way. I'm nearly there again (I think, the new TorrentQueue code is going to be a pain to amend), and I've already come across new things to add (as soon as I work out an elegant way to get the information between windows).
Firefox Loses Ground To IE
Tuesday 16th August, 2005 00:00
Hehehe, well it had to happen sometime. Apparently Firefox's consistent growth suffered a set-back when it fell back from 8.71 per cent market share in June to 8.07 per cent in July, acording to web analytics firm NetApplications. Over the same period Microsoft's share rose from 86.56 per cent in June to 87.2 per cent in July, so Firefox's loss was Microsoft's gain. I suspect the recent flaws have been the major factor.

It's also nice to see the RIAA admit something: file-sharing is less of a threat to music sales than bootleg CDs. 29 per cent of the recorded music obtained by listeners last year came from content copied onto recordable media.
I Won The Lottery
Monday 15th August, 2005 17:30
Okay, so I only won ten quid, but it's still nice. That's twice I've won in recent weeks. Shame it's not all six numbers.
Sunday 14th August, 2005 23:59
I was feeling peckish and remembered there was a milk chocolate flapjack in my pocket. Mmmmm, time to enjoy!

Also, my brother's buying me season 4 of 24 on DVD, in return for borrowing money off me a while back.
Friday 12th August, 2005 15:21
You have to admit, the people that fall for these phishing scams often do deserve it as punishment for being so stupid.
Windows Update
Tuesday 9th August, 2005 02:32
It's nice to see that IE7 now works with Windows Update, apparently it's been fixed for a few days now. It also looks like people have found a way to use hex editors to get around the WGA in the IE7 setup executable, which is impressive. It sounds like WGA is fairly easy to bypass on The Windows Update site, using JavaScript or disabling Add-ons. But it all sounds like a lot of effort just to save someone from buying a legal OS. I don't care, mine's legal.
When Is A Hub Not A Hub?
Tuesday 2nd August, 2005 20:06
When it's a switch. Yes, that's right, it looks like an 8 port "hub" sold by Linksys might actually be a switch in disguise. Still, for most people it's better to have a switch than a hub, as you can usually get better transfer rates when moving large files around.
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