Everything, Everything - April 2009

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Thursday 30th April, 2009 20:01
Cats are supposed to love things like catnip, but Squeaker is far more interested in ham. She loves a broken up slice of honey roast ham. She's an odd cat.
Most Popular YouTube Video
Thursday 30th April, 2009 20:01
It's apparently Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend. I can understand that, it's a good song. Shame I can't watch it right now because "This video is not available in your country". Actually I can watch it if I search YouTube for "avril lavigne girlfriend" as they haven't censored all of the versions. Because their system's crap. Perhaps I'll write my own system and sell it to them. Cause I can, cause I can do it better.
Firefox 3.0.9
Thursday 30th April, 2009 20:00
Either I'm using Firefox less often (IE8 rules!!!) or Mozilla are updating Firefox more often than I remember! I spotted that 3.0.9 had come out and thought I'd update Firefox on my work laptop only to discover that I still had 3.0.7 installed! I therefore had to install 3.0.8 before restarting and then checking for 3.0.9. You'd think they could release some sort of cumulative update to ease the pain. To prove I'm not a total Microsoft fanboi I must point out that at least I didn't have to restart Windows afterwards.

EDIT: Firefox 3.0.10 is now out! It fixes a bug they introduced when they "fixed" 3.0.9. This is precisely why Microsoft take time to test things properly before they release a patch, to try and avoid regressions.
Thursday 30th April, 2009 19:59
It's been so long since I've had Colombian coffee that I didn't recognise it during the Easter LAN party. We've avoided it for so long (because it's so common/popular) that we can't remember the last time we had some. We'll be getting some in soon as it's good stuff (hence its popularity) and hopefully Darrell won't overfill the cafetiere like he did this morning!
Vista + Remote Desktop + Black Screen
Thursday 9th April, 2009 11:07
For a while now I've been having problems logging into one of my PCs using Remote Desktop. I have Network Level Authentication enabled, so I supply a valid username and password to log on. The logon appears to work, but instead of being presented with my desktop (I don't typically log off that system, as I have applications running), I'm presented with a black screen. A black screen that does nothing. Clicking and typing does nothing. I can log in and out as much as I like and I can't get past the black screen. My "workaround" in the past has been to hibernate the system or do a full reboot. But I've discovered a way of fixing this:


That command will be interpreted as pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del on the remote system. Up comes the Vista screen allowing you to start Task Manager etc. but from then on everything works fine. The desktop is back!
Mini Golf!
Wednesday 8th April, 2009 09:39
I got it back! It was my favourite game on my T610, so I decided to use Google to see if I could download it from anywhere. Turns out it's available from SonyEricsson's website, and it's now on my K750i (one less reason to upgrade my phone).
Wednesday 1st April, 2009 18:09
My router at home decided to play up, which meant my website was unavailable for several hours today, but a quick reboot and all is well again. Later this month I'll be packing up the new server and sticking it in a datacentre in London, so I'll have two network cards setup for load balancing/failover, with each card plugged into a separate switch for redundancy, and I'm sure there will be plenty of pipes to keep my server connected.

Happy April. I haven't been fooled, there haven't been any showers (yet), and it's nice to get home while it's still light outside.
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