Everything, Everything - April 2005

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Friday 29th April, 2005 21:50
I just watched a trailer for Serenity, The feature-length adaptation of Joss Whedon's TV show Firefly, and it looks really good! I'm definitely going to watch this when it comes out in the cinema later this year. According to an interview with Alan Tudyk, this is the first movie in a three-picture Firefly contract with Universal.
MSN Messenger 7
Saturday 16th April, 2005 16:51
It's finally out of beta, it's a little bloated, it broke my plugins (Messenger Plus! and NG StuffPlug), but after downloading the latest versions I've got it pretty much back to where I was with 6.2.

One of the new features (or bloat) is the ability to show what song you're listening to on Windows Media Player (and iTunes, which surprised me). But I use Winamp 5 (it's small, quick, simple)! There used to be plugins that'd change your MSN name to show the song, so I assumed I could find a plugin that'd show the song from Winamp in the new box in MSN7. I was happy to find Toaster and it works fine with Winamp 5 (you can also get the MSN Messenger Status Plugin from here, a plugin for Winamp 2.x users). It does lots of other things I haven't played with yet, as I loaded the MSN Only profile. Now my only gripe is that MSN7 shows "Title - Artist" when all sane people use "Artist - Title" - you can switch it over with a patch, and Toaster would let me switch it over manually, but then you'd never find the track on MSN's music store (not that I particularly care).

Also, I managed to buy Beth Orton's last album (the 2CD version) for a superb ?4.99 from 101cd.com (along with several others cheap CDs, I even found Prodigy's last album for ?3.99 - it's not amazing, but at that price it's worth it).
Sunday 3rd April, 2005 07:20
I can't sleep.
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