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Android Q Beta
Thursday 14th March, 2019 10:50 Comments: 0
I didn't start using Android until Ice Cream Sandwich. Since then I've been quick to jump on the previews and betas, even when they involved flashing and fixing after an OTA update while rooted. I've long since abandoned rooting my main phone and with the beta being available OTA on certain devices, I've had a relatively painless experience using it on my main phone (typically it's been Bluetooth issues). This time around I decided to try the Android Q Beta on my old Pixel XL (the battery is f**ked, but it still works). After almost a gigabyte download and a reboot, I struggled to see any difference.

Initially I only spotted the rounder corners when switching application. I then noticed the top right bit of the notifications bar is slightly tweaked. There's a few small tweaks to the lock screen too.

That's basically it though. Very marginal changes. It also has better support for split screen, which I basically never used or needed, and had forgotten how to make it happen.

Sure, there are other improvements, and I'm looking forward to the improved privacy options (e.g. only allow access to location when the app is running) and improved access to system settings from within apps. But there's nothing radical in this beta for a standard phone. There's also warnings that the performance may be "janky".

I'm going to skip Android Q Beta on my main phone for now. And unless later betas show any real improvement, I may wait until it's ready for mainstream use. For now I'll enjoy Pie and a decent battery life.

PS I'm pleasantly surprised the original Pixel devices are supported by the beta. Maybe they'll get Android Q and security updates for longer than the usual 3 years?
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