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Windows 10 1803 With i7 950
Friday 6th July, 2018 19:19 Comments: 1
After a few failed restarts trying to install Windows 10 1803, I did some searching and stumbled onto a Microsoft forum post and this Reddit article that states that older i7 chips get stuck on the Windows 10 logo on a black screen when Windows restarts. Apparently this can be "solved" so you can upgrade to 1803 by disabling VT-d in the BIOS, but this isn't a great fix for anyone that wants to run virtual machines in Hyper-V or VMWare without hitting some limitations. Re-enabling it after the install causes the same boot problem. So far there's no word on when Microsoft will fix this, even though it appears to have been reported back in January. I was hoping to hold off upgrading this system until Intel have released new CPUs that aren't affected by Meltdown or Spectre. Maybe I can get away without running any VMs on this system for a while, but it's not ideal. Not sure how Microsoft managed to introduce such a bug or fail to spot it during testing (although based on the number of complaints around 1803, I can't imagine they've done much testing). I've always liked Windows, but every version of Windows 10 makes me like it less and less (don't get me started on the whole EmptyStandbyList workaround with gaming).
Avatar Robert - Tuesday 10th July, 2018 00:34
I upgraded the BIOS, which was even easier than I'd expected as I'd copied the file onto a FAT32 USB drive but the BIOS allowed me to read my NTFS C drive too. But after that Windows failed to boot. I tried a startup repair but that failed. I looked at the log and got the corrupt bootress.dll error that a lot of others are getting with 1803. I tried reassigning drive letters in Diskpart from the recovery's Command Prompt, then using bcdboot to try and fix things but I got some errors and I'm not sure it helped. After that Windows finally gave me the option of Safe Mode so I did that and it booted. I tried running SFC but it didn't seem to do anything useful. I then rebooted and went into Windows with Safe Mode and networking but the Ethernet driver didn't seem entirely happy. I rebooted and went into Windows and all seems well. I've restarted a few times since then and it hasn't broken yet. I'll try a full shutdown restart sometime. However, after all that, the newer BIOS didn't allow me to re-enable VT-d with 1803.
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