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Life After Wenger
Saturday 5th March, 2016 10:40 Comments: 0
After several poor results, it looks like many Arsenal fans are finally losing faith in Arsene Wenger. His lack of activity in the transfer windows, his unusual substitutions, the occasionally absurd reasons for poor performances and results. I can understand why many are calling for him to resign. But who do you bring in to replace him?

In the past, people have suggested Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola. Both are big personalities with good records, and fans would probably be happy with such an appointment. But these managers, and several other candidates, have recently joined or are about to join new clubs.

Other suggestions include managers such as Joachim Low. Again, he's got a good reputation, he's worked with the Germans in our team, and the fans would like him and the type of football he'd bring. But he signed a contract last year to continue managing the German team until 2018. I can't see him leaving early unless they have a disastrous Euro 2016.

That doesn't leave many options in the short term. We could risk bringing in someone younger, less experienced, but with a good track record. With other managers still finding their feet, and in some cases needing to replace many players in their first team, it may even be the best time to bring in some fresh blood at the end of this season. Our own team is okay, it just needs a few great additions, and it appears we have the money in the bank to support that. That would give an ambitious manager a great team to try and beat established names as they struggle with their new clubs and/or new teams in an unfamiliar and ultra-competitive Premier League.

After doubts over the years, I'm still on the fence whether Arsene should stay or go; it really depends on who the alternative is. But there are plenty of managers out there that could be given the chance. Hopefully the board have a good idea, as a weak finish to this season (particularly if we don't retain the FA Cup) could see the fans calling for Arsene to move on.

Anyway, it's the day of the North London Derby, a day to get behind the entire team and the manager, and hope that we can confidently beat Spurs in the first step to getting our mojo back. COYG.
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