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Extant Temporarily Unavailable
Sunday 25th January, 2015 13:01 Comments: 1
I gave up watching Extant using Amazon's Instant Video after a few weeks as I found the show disappointing. But I decided today that I'd give it another chance and resume watching from whatever episode I was on. Except I can't.

There's a customer discussion that gives this reason as to why the episodes are now unavailable:

"Due to licensing restrictions, videos can become temporarily unavailable for viewing or downloading. The video will automatically be made available again once that restriction ends"

It may be related to the episodes apparently being broadcast by Syfy.

I should be able to set the Sky+ HD box to record the episodes, but that means I can't watch it on demand, right now, when I want to. It also means I'll have to watch it in 1080i from the Sky box rather than 1080p via other devices (I've been watching Amazon Instant Video on the PS4, my laptop, and a computer in the lounge).

I can understand why this has happened, but it doesn't mean I like it. I can also understand why people might turn to piracy to download the remaining episodes if they had started watching the show recently only to discover they can't watch the end yet. But I abandoned the show before and I probably won't bother watching it again when it comes back. Hopefully I won't get caught out by Amazon in the future, but with Netflix and Sky (including BT Sport) I have plenty of alternatives. Unless they have any more exclusive content that's worth watching there's a reasonable chance I won't renew Amazon Prime.
Avatar Robert - Wednesday 28th January, 2015 21:11
I can watch Perception on my Nexus 5, but videos failed to play (UNKNOWN_ERROR) on the Nexus 7, and my Nexus 10 tells me the video "is not currently available for this device". I guess I'll watch it on my phone's tiny screen. Thanks Amazon.
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