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Performance Issues
Saturday 10th May, 2008 23:03 Comments: 6
Some of you may have noticed that my website has been running a bit sluggishly for over a week now. It turns out it wasn't due to:
  • The new site layout (which was primarily some changes to the CSS file)
  • A recent update of the database so older entries contain timestamps instead of null values
  • Applying the new design to 2004-2007 entries (which uses the timestamps I'd generated)
  • An update that Chris had made to the server without telling me (added support for Ruby)
  • The server, which Chris kindly rebooted for good measure last weekend
It looks like the recent performance issue was caused by the .htaccess file that I haven't touched in months. Go figure. Anyway, I removed a few lines that didn't really need to be there, and I removed a couple dozen lines of IP ranges that I had added to deny access to the site (because it stops some unwanted automated bots from seeing my website). This should make my UKRP gadget go back to normal speed when changing stations, rather than "transitioning" for 5-10 seconds waiting for my site to redirect users to the actual stream (which still needs a second or two to buffer).
Avatar Sadie - Sunday 11th May, 2008 02:35
Oooh, we have Ruby now? I've been meaning to play with that.

Why do I need to find that out from reading some stranger's blog?
Avatar Robert - Sunday 11th May, 2008 03:54
I'm not that strange :P
Avatar Fab - Monday 12th May, 2008 12:01
Ah it was your site? I thought it was the work connection (which is still crap!). The IE6 problem seems to have been fixed too. No idea if it is related.
Avatar Robert - Monday 12th May, 2008 13:49
The "IE6 problem" (the problem being IE6's box model) should be solved by the new design that looks identical in all the major browsers (and most minor ones) - you did spot the new design? :P
Avatar Fab - Monday 12th May, 2008 14:11
*blink* There is a new design?? :p Kidding you. I spotted it, but I guess you have posted so little lately that I didn't get the chance to comment and thus spot you had fixed that flaw. Amusingly the text goes slightly out of the box by a couple of characters before dropping back in again.
Avatar Robert - Monday 12th May, 2008 14:32
I might play around a bit with the colours now that the layout and code had settled. I should really sort out the print version at some point.

Now that I'm back in the office, and not doing 4 hour drives up to Leeds, I might get a chance to post things a bit more often.
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