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Saturday 17th November, 2007 23:20 Comments: 3
For the second time in recent months, my DNS settings for my two domains haven't been working too well (the nameservers respond to ping, have port 53 open, but requests timeout). So I've bitten the bullet and setup my own server as the DNS server (TCP only, no recursion, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing) to make sure that www.everythingeverything.co.uk will resolve properly - otherwise my Vista gadget* will break. I figure my own server is far more reliable than the old ones, and now it's marginally easier to update settings. I might setup a second DNS server on Monday in a second geographical location.

* In other news, I think I've finally sorted out the bug in my gadget. I've also made it so you can't update (individual) custom stream settings if you've assigned it to at least one preset, which should make things less confusing. I'll do some more testing to make sure there aren't any other bugs, and possibly bring some of my error checking back in, and then make sure that you can upgrade from older versions without any trouble.
Avatar Robert - Monday 19th November, 2007 09:53

Quoted from someone on a forum:

From System Status page:

[Message created:17/11/2007, 09:15 Last update:17/11/2007, 09:15

We are currently aware of a problem regarding 123-reg nameservers which in turn is affecting the visibility of websites and services such as email. At present, we have engineers looking into this as a matter of urgency. Please be assured we are working to rectify this issue as a priority and hope to resume normal service as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience in the mean time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.]

It sounds like their nameservers dropped off the earth, and are now back, but missing all the settings. For some reason one ISP is resolving to the wrong IP (the ones mentioned on the 123-reg control panel), even though every other DNS server seems to follow things correctly to my nameserver, and any attempts to update the DNS entries on 123-reg servers (that no longer warns me about not using their nameservers :S) results in an error message.
Avatar Robert - Tuesday 20th November, 2007 22:19

123-reg experienced intermittent performance issues on its DNS servers between late afternoon on Friday 16 November and Sunday 18 November. This meant that some customers have encountered difficulties with their domain names during this period.
This problem was caused by a combination of excessive loading on the DNS servers and a rare hardware failure. During this time, 123-reg engineers have replaced the hardware and full service has been resumed.

We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience that the outage would have caused and we have begun an investigation to identify the cause of the failure, and any necessary actions required will be implemented without delay. Further information and updates is available from http://www.hosting-status.pipex.net

Although, as mentioned in one of the first comments, they've been "iffy for ages". It's also a bit odd that they both played up. Another comment agrees with my view that they "have been intermittent for ages but reliability and performance has worsened considerably over the last 3 months". And another comment suggests that the servers are (now?) configured to perform recursive queries (which can only really increase their load/abuse).
Avatar Robert - Wednesday 21st November, 2007 10:06
I've setup the second DNS server last night (it's had 693 requests already), all appears to be well. For now.
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