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Chair Dancing Rocks!
Thursday 8th November, 2007 23:03 Comments: 1
I just spotted that Sarah's status on Facebook says "is chair dancing again, just less obviously this time..." - there's nothing wrong with chair dancing, I often catch myself doing that (although usually when no one's around... like yesterday when I was sat in a cold and noisy server room, so I put my noise insulating inner ear headphones on and listened to Chemical Brothers, Radiohead and then I spotted I was dancing around in my chair to Avril Lavigne).

In other news (i.e. other friend's status thingies), Lara's finally had her baby and the whole family are doing well, including new arrival Jonah. They already have a photo up on their website, and I have to admit that he looks okay (for a baby), as in I wouldn't have to fake sincerity if they asked me something like "doesn't he look so cute?". Not that I'd ever fake that sort of thing, but I can't imagine many proud parents liking it if I said "I've seen better" or "they all look the same" (you have to get the balance right, too much enthusiasm might look insincere - or worse...).

Ade's wondering where this global warming is. I've been thinking the same thing for the last couple of years, but I think I've been sheltered from it by cold air conditioned rooms and the aircon in my car. The advantage of working from home is you can keep the place as warm as you like, and if it gets too cold you can wear the thick padded shirt you wouldn't be caught dead in and/or climb into bed with the electric blanket to warm up. I suspect he's allowed to be cold, seeing as his previous status pondered "why minus 10 feels warmer than minus 2" - my guess is hypothermia. Ooh, Wikipedia agrees with me, "often, a person will experience a warm sensation, as if they have recovered, but they are in fact heading into Stage 2" (of the 3 stages of hypothermia). The scary thing is Stage 3 is apparently when body temperature drops below approximately 32 degrees C. In the field, a mildly hypothermic person can be effectively rewarmed through close body contact from a companion and by drinking warm, sweet liquids. Maybe that's why I like to drink coffee (with two sugars). I'd happily swap it for close body contact with a hot girl hehe.

It's amazing how many of my friends have put that they're tired. Or should I say "have also put" that they're tired? The weekend's nearly here.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Katie.
Avatar Fab - Friday 9th November, 2007 11:11
Yep telling the parents that their new born baby looks like s wrinkled scrotum sack, only noisier and messier, may go down badly! Doesn't matter that it is true! Not looked at Jonah's pic yet, must remember to do so.

The main initial problem with someone suffering from hypothermia is that they get tired and irrational. As people with them more often than not are tired, miserable and irritable too (having just trekked up a mountain etc) it can be quite hard to recognise and deal with stage 1 or 2. Stage 3 is a little too late to deal with in the field... Get hypothermic people immediately warm in the field is usually techically difficult too if you can't find proper shelter.

I am feeling pretty tired too these days. I blame the variable weather, the late nights playing computer games, the tail end of a cold and the occasional 10 mile walk/run/cycle to and from work. I should really do less or take some days off.
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