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Comic Strip Generators
Saturday 3rd November, 2007 19:35 Comments: 3
As you know, I'm not an artist, so I thought I'd look on the web for some help creating comic strips.

QuickToons isn't great, but it's pretty quick and extremely simple. You are also extremely limited with what you can do, but I spotted a Lindsay Lohan character and had to make this joke (sorry Lindsay, you used to be gorgeous, but you don't look or behave like you did in the past):

EDIT: QuickToons seems to have gone down, if I get the strip again I'll put it up on my server!

Stripgenerator.com looks more promising, but you have to sign up to get more characters/objects. Most of the blog strips are written in foreign languages, but give you an idea of what you can create. Looks promising, but you're stuck with the single style that they offer.

I've never played Sam and Max, but there's a comic strip generator that looks pretty good if you want to make jokes based around the game:

Anyone know any others? I had a thought about creating 3D characters and an online world, positioning everything, taking a shot of the rendered image, changing it into a 2D cartoon strip, and adding dialogue (somewhat inspired by how the new Simpsons computer game is meant to render the graphics). But it sounded like a lot of work.
Avatar Fab - Tuesday 6th November, 2007 11:19
I wonder if TF2 has some character creation tools? I thought the Pixar style character modelling was pretty damn cool and funky. Either that or maybe use our Wii characters? Brings in the geeky theme as well as possibly being quite easy to draw and manipulate.
Avatar Yamahito - Tuesday 6th November, 2007 16:33
You do know Sam & Max was a comic before it was ever a game, right?
Avatar Robert - Tuesday 6th November, 2007 20:05
Nope, but seeing as I'm only vaguely aware of the game, you shouldn't be surprised by my ignorance.

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