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Big Brother - Double Standards Redux
Sunday 8th July, 2007 15:32 Comments: 0
Laura used the word "poof" a second time and was finally reprimanded by Big Brother. It would have been nice if they'd said something the first time.

But now Charley has recently had a conversation where she used the word n****r. A Channel 4 spokeswoman told the Sunday Mirror: "Charley used the N-word as a black woman to refer to another black person. We judged her use of the term different from Emily's. But Big Brother called her to the Diary Room to remind her that this word could cause offence." - this apparently won't be broadcast. I can't be bothered to go into it in too much detail, but this all screams of double standards. Channel 4 said (when they evicted Emily) that it's a racially offensive term which could seriously offend housemates or members of the public, and the context did not matter. Charley has now used the word several times. She's still in the house.

But they like Charley, that was obvious when her and Billi's nominations were discounted for discussing nominations, which saved Charley from being up for eviction. In previous years, discussing nominations would stop you from being able to vote the following week.

So why do they want to keep Charley in the house? She's "entertaining", because she shouts and irritates people, which can make good TV viewing. But you can only watch an annoying person for so long. My opinion of the housemates has changed over time, and although I don't want any of them to win, the person I dislike the least is probably Gerry. In fact, it turns out the list is somewhat similar to their IQs:

Gerry, Seany, Chanelle 114
Carole 112
Amanda 95
Ziggy 94
Nicky 90
Sam, Tracey 89
Laura 79
Charley 70
Shabnam 55

Gerry was expected to do higher, but the tests do involve language, and Gerry is Greek. It has been suggested that Charley and Shabnam weren't concentrating on the test, but I can't see it affecting the result by that much. I'll also point out that it is considered easier to raise your IQ score above the 100 average, than drop it below, and the median reference score is apparently 95-110. To score an IQ of 115-125 is much more within the "average" adult human capability, than to score below 85. 70 and below is considered significantly below-normal global intellectual capacity as an adult.

It was quite funny to hear that Ricky Gervais had Chris Rock saying "Get Charley Out" when he had no idea what for. He also apparently said "I think Live Earth is going to stop global warming, just like Live 8 stopped poverty" and (fitting with the theme of this post) "People are getting so tanned in America white people are calling each other n*****s".
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