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Tuesday 22nd May, 2007 16:13 Comments: 2
I'm listening to "Paolo Nutini - New Shoes" while I read Scott Adams' blog entry about shoes (Footwear Theory of Motivation). I can hear Helen sighing with relief because I'm finally writing about shoes instead of computers for once. In his blog, he says:

His observation, after years of playboy behavior, is that a woman who takes off her shoes at your place isn't planning to put them back on until morning. If she doesn't take them off, she's mentally prepped for a quick escape.

You might wonder if removing shoes causes the sex or it's simply a sign of comfort that predicts it.

I suspect it's the latter, perhaps the next time I invite a woman over to mine and have sex with her, I'll ask her afterwards. I generally take my shoes off when I plan on staying, sometimes I'll wear them to avoid feeling cold, but I generally take them off when walking on laminate floors otherwise the noise annoys me. It must be worse in high heels, but I haven't tried that (anyone got any size 9.5 high heels I can borrow? :P).

Getting back to Paolo Nutini, I have new shoes, but I keep wearing my old Kickers. Sure, they might be approaching ten years old, and I've replaced the laces at least three times, and I've had to glue the soles back on a couple times at the back, but they're really comfortable. And unlike women, I choose comfort over style. Although I do appreciate the effort you women make when you wear nice shoes. And I like when you wear nice perfume. And only women can get away with wearing bright coloured clothes like orange jumpers.
Avatar Fab - Wednesday 23rd May, 2007 10:47
I was reading that as well. Asking girls to take their shoes off before entering my flat sadly is unlikely to be a prelude to sex! However, considering the wood of my flat, it will be a must for any girls wearing stilettos.

He makes a good point about the shoes shaping the mood. I used to just not give a damn, but I have become a lot more discerning as I become older. I tend to buy smart shoes from Italy (the quality is much better) and my smartest shoes live in a drawer at work. I walk around my flat barefoot 95% of the time, I have a set of comfy shoes I use for town and I wear a smart by comfy set whenever I meet people. The single pair of shoes I wear the most at the moment are trainers, but then I am doing a staggering amount of exercise and cycling to work at the moment. In short, I non longer just shove on a pair for all occasions like I used to when younger. Consequently an improved image?
Avatar Helen - Friday 1st June, 2007 16:12
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