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Friday 11th May, 2007 11:08 Comments: 1
Tony Blair is going to resign, and the announcement comes at the same time as a redesign of their website. I must say, it doesn't look too bad: a pleasant mixture of purple, black and grey), with a hint of red for emphasis (the home page appears to use red with a hint of purple). Take a look at The Conservative Party website and it's a fairly hideous mixture of green, blue and two shades of grey. I know the Tories are trying to attract a younger audience, but this sort of colour scheme can only really appeal to children (the same children that appear to have designed their logo - I'd also like to know why they have slightly different versions for each country). The Liberal Democrats have the right idea, going for a simple black and yellow approach, but are unappealing because that yellow colour is fairly hideous. All three sites appear to have RSS feeds, although Labour's feed appears to be broken, and the Lib dem one is a bit dodgy and isn't proeprly supported by IE7's RSS Feed reader (also, you have to click the RSS FEED link, rather than provide browser support in the page). Labour also have blogs, unlike the other parties, which I hoped would be interesting, but you currently have an empty looking page (aside from third party links on the right that take you to blogs written by Labour supporters). This might sound fairly unimportant (and you should obviously vote for people/parties based on their policies and what they want to do for the community), but I get the impression the apathetic voters they're trying to capture are people like me, that have grown up with marketing and technology all around them. You have to hope that the policies and performance in politics make up for their lack of communication skills. I don't like to vote based on "hope", "the unknown" and "big assumptions" - I like my facts.
Avatar Robert - Friday 18th May, 2007 16:14
NSFW: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/05/18/belgian_election_campaign/
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