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Tuesday 8th May, 2007 04:30 Comments: 1
Being 20-something sucks. At least it does if you're a guy and you're single. All the girls your age are after guys in their 30s, and all the younger girls are at sixth form or university or are just starting their careers and aren't looking to settle down. But perhaps that's partly my fault, because I want to settle down with the right person. According to TV Addict, the latest episode of Family Guy poked fun at one of my favourite TV shows, How I Met Your Mother:

TV Announcer: We now return to How I Met Your Father
Ted: Oh Barney, I'm never going to meet the right girl and get married
Barney: You know Ted, don't you think it's kind of strange for a guy in his twenties to always be talking about getting married rather than getting laid?
Ted: Barney, I'm in love with you
Barney: (takes out a condom) Suit up (They start making out)

It's even funnier if you understand that "suit up" is Barney's defining catchphrase, and that the guy that plays Barney is gay in real life - on the show he spends his entire time chasing after one night stands with women, but virtually the only kiss you've seen him do was in the first episode when he kissed Marshall:

(Ted calls Barney - Barney's playing laser tag on the other end of the line)
Barney: (Phone) Hey loser, how's not playing laser tag? Because playing laser tag is awesome! Oh, I killed you Connor; don't make me get your mom!
Ted: Hey, listen. I need your opinion on something.
Barney: Okay, meet me at the bar in fifteen minutes - AND SUIT UP!
[Slides to Bar Scene]
(Lily, Ted, Barney and Marshall sitting at a table)
Ted: So these guys think I chickened out. What do you think?
Barney: I can't believe you're still not wearing a SUIT!
Ted: She didn't even give me the signal.
Barney: What is she gonna - is she gonna bat her eyes at you in Morse code (bats eyes)? Ted (bats eyes) Kiss me - No, you just kiss her!
Ted: Not if you don't get the signal.
Barney: Ee - (Kisses Marshall) Did Marshall give me the signal?
Marshall: No! (To Lily) I didn't, I swear.
Barney: But see - at least, tonight, I get to sleep knowing, Marshall and Me... never going to happen. You should've kissed her.
Ted: Urgh, I should've kissed her. What about when she gets back from Orlando?
Barney: A week? That's like - a year in hot girl time. She'll forget all about you. Mark my words: you will never see that one again.
(notices Robin on Metro News 1 On TV)
Ted: There she is...
Lily: Ooo. She's cute!

And Robin is cute, the actress is "my type" and Ted reminds me of me. Except he's not as skinny, his nose isn't too big, his teeth look better, and he does actually get together with Robin (although, ultimately, he doesn't marry her and we have no idea who he does marry on the show). Anyway, I'm losing sight of the original topic... So, am I crazy for wanting to settle down? Maybe. I'm lonely, but I'm picky, and if I'm going to be with someone it's going to be with the right person, and if they're the right person I'd like it to lead to something serious... like marriage.

But recently I've felt like it's never going to happen. At least not while I'm 20-something. Perhaps when I'm 30-something. I only have to kill time for the next 5 years. Ironically, women will probably find me more attractive when I'm 30-something, going bald and have less energy and stamina.
Avatar Fab - Tuesday 8th May, 2007 12:02
And there was me thinking that now seems to be a rather good time for getting women! I think you need to think in terms of cruising around more. ie. just meet lots of women and play around a bit. You can't settle down without knowing what you want to settle down with and knowing more girls does help that.
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