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OAP Travel
Monday 16th April, 2007 11:45 Comments: 4
The Gloucestershire Echo recently published an article about the Government's scheme for free countywide bus travel for pensioners. It has proven to be hugely popular and not enough money was set aside for it. Stagecoach lost so much money providing the free travel that it appealed for compensation. Now the local councils are stuck with paying the shortfall. Cheltenham and Tewkesbury borough councils have had to find an extra £131,000 for the scheme. That's a lot of money. The next line is taken directly from their article, and made me smile:

There is no doubt it is a brilliant scheme. It gets pensioners out of their cars and on to public transport.

I must admit, this scheme is excellent for getting pensioners out of their cars and away from the steering wheel where they're a fairly constant menace. I know what they meant to say, that it reduces congestion, and that it even gets those that'd stay at home all day to go out and meet people. But I wonder how many accidents have been avoided thanks to OAPs no longer being behind the wheel (are there any statistics for accidents caused by OAPs?). Perhaps we should get the insurance companies to contribute a little bit towards the huge bill?
Avatar Fab - Monday 16th April, 2007 13:14
And no sarcastic comment about my driving? ;) And true I have seen various OAPs do some truly odd things when driving, but it has to be said, if you aren't particularly athletic, taking the car rather than the bus is more attractive: Don't have to walk to the bus stops carrying shopping, change busses or spend ages waiting for a bus while bursting for a pee!

It is very hard to have a successful public project these days. Being too successful costs money!
Avatar Yamahito - Tuesday 17th April, 2007 09:29
I was about to say, can we have a free bus service for Fab? :)
Avatar Fab - Tuesday 17th April, 2007 09:37
You gonna volunteer to be the driver? ;) I am minded to go to an Italian car day next weekend. Live it up a little, drive something faster...
Avatar Robert - Tuesday 17th April, 2007 10:03
And die in a huge fireball after crashing the car at 120mph? I suppose it's one way to go.

I gather one of the free bus servies around here is being funded from fines paid by all the people that have driven in bus lanes.
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