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Wales And Back
Saturday 12th June, 2004 02:28 Comments: 0
I got a call this afternoon from my mum, asking if I'd drive to Cardiff. Yes, nearly a year after the mix up with the tuxedo (resulting in my brother taking the train down to Exeter) before my Graduate Ball, my brother heads back to Cardiff for his ball, and forgets to take his tux. So I drive all the way there, then turn around and drive all the way back. Which is good, as Kev had bought tickets for Troy (as he'd left before I sent the email saying I couldn't make it) and I actually made it back in time for the 7:55 showing, after Kev switched the tickets for the later one.

What's really weird is I was explaining the route, and that you turn right when you see Dominoe's on your left, when Kev said his friend works in Dominoes in Cardiff, as she's at uni there. And last time I drove down to see Gary, he and dad went shopping, leaving me to gawk at this pretty girl behind the counter, that is probably Kev's friend. And she was going to the ball that night too. My brother asked if I wanted him to get me a ticket, but I decided I didn't fancy it. Although it was Liberty X playing, which would have been fun. Kev then sent his friend a text just after my brother sent me one telling me who was on stage. Kev's friend will be visiting next week, so I'll get to see her then and find out if she's the same girl I fancied. It's a small world.

Anyway, I made it back for Troy, and what a dissapointment that would have been, if I hadn't already realised how poor it'd be. Kev was surprised how bad it was. I think we should watch The Day After Tomorrow and see if it's any better. Shrek 2 looks fairly good though. And we have to watch Harry Potter 2 sometime. And Spiderman 2, if only for the special effects.

Happy Birthday to Kev, it's a good 2 and a half hours into his birthday now. Sounds like we'll meet up for drinks, but so many of his friends that I like are away/busy this weekend. I can't wait for my lie in until the afternoon.
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